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        260. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
        Gunslingers Newsletter for Week of 9/26/2011:

        The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder.  But this season also means something else:  It's gamin' time!  Between all the new releases and all the folks scouting around for new folks with whom to play, it is a great time of the year for us gamers.  The Gunslingers clan is no exception to the recent buzz of activity.  Take the following bulletins for example:

        Membership Milestone - The Gunslingers clan is officially over 2,600 members strong!  That is simply amazing!  A big thanks to all you fellow mature, casual gamers out there who keep joining up with the rest of us and making the good times even better!  If you are reading about us for the first time, come check us out.

        New Usergroups - We are always trying to find new ways to customize your experience in the Gunslingers, which is why we have introduced the new Usergroups feature.  Show your fandom for this game by joining the Call of Duty: Black Ops GSers group!  It is an additional feature for those of you trying to keep tabs on the most active 'slingers for the game you love. 

        GS Banner Exchange - There is probably no other clan on Earth who has its members collectively make so many high-end banners for themselves.  If I only had half their talent!  Regardless, it is fun checking them out.  Here is a link to their creativity with making Gunslinger banners for themselves and each other:

        New GS Arcade Game - For the Tower Defense-style fans among us, we have installed Fujitsu Defender to the ever custom and ever expanding Gunslinger Arcade!  Granted it is no Call of Duty: Black Ops, but it is something to keep you busy while the boss isn't looking and you are waiting to get back home for some real gaming!

        Thank you for taking the time to read about our group's updates.  We are still looking for all you parent and hard working adult gamers out there who share in our want of a kickback gaming experience not tied up in typical clan obligations.  If that sounds like your cup of t---er---pint of beer, become a member by registering in our Forums.

        Black Ops Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.
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          261. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
          The Gunslingers Newsletter for the Week of 10/3/2011

          We have a few updates at the Gunslingers I would like to share with the rest of you fellow mature, casual gamers!

          Call Of Duty Elite - Many Gunslingers are giving the COD Elite feature a test drive in the invite-only BETA.  Join the discussion and share your thoughts about the new service!

          GS Arcade - Jam away to the Tenacious D song, "Devil May Fry," in the Guitar Hero inspired game.  We install a new game to the Gunslingers Arcade every week, and this musical fare is our newest addition!  Hit those notes, and get the high score!

          Sports Section - Many adult gamers are also sports fans.  Gunslinger members are no exception!  To reflect the fact that international sports are in full swing, we have added a brand new sports section to the Gunslingers Forum, complete with real time stats and game scores for the NFL, FIFA, NHL, and college (American) football! 

          The Xbox360 Modern Warfare 3 Clan for Adults.
          The PS3 Modern Warfare 3 Clan for Adults.
          The PC Modern Warfare 3 Clan for Adults.
          The Wii Modern Warfare 3 Clan for Adults.

          Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.
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            262. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
            Oh, no!  I am a day late with publishing the Gunslingers weekly New-Member Round-Up!  Every Wednesday, we at GS take a moment to give a proverbial tip of the hat and a shot of whiskey (Okay, sometimes it's proverbial) for all the fantastic new members to join the clan in the last seven days. 

            With that in mind, Gunslingers, here are your newest fellow 'heat bringers' to join our posse from 9/28/2011 to 10/5/2011:

            J Ross II


            We know that you have a lot of choices this time of the year, and I don't just mean all the new games coming out.  Of course, I humbly recommend Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in that department, but I was referring to clan membership.  To all you mature, casual gamers out there, I invite you to the Gunslingers.  To all you hard working adults, I invite you to the Gunslingers.  To all you parents, I invite you to the Gunslingers.  We know it is tough to find a clan that actually lets you enjoy your game when it is most convenient for you without demanding some sort of arbitrary skill or practice attendance requirement.  We know it is frustrating to be drawn into supposedly mature clans only to find out that they allow non clan members and underage gamers alike to frequent their communication tools for the simple (and deceiving) purpose of padding activity.  When we say that the Gunslingers clan is exclusively for casual, mature adults, we mean it.

            And we invite you to stop by and judge for yourself.

            The Black Ops Gunslingers.
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              263. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
              I don't know about the rest of you, but this time of the year really keeps you busy!  The amount of birthdays of friends and family one is expected to remember alone...well, anyway.  Back on point!  And the point is that we have an immensely special edition of New Member Round-Up!  In case you haven't been following our updates, we give a well deserved welcome to all the awesome men and women who join the Gunslingers every week.

              So, Gunslingers, tip your hat to the folks who have walked through our saloon doors in the last seven days:


              Thank you all for joining and welcome to the Gunslingers!!!

              As I said earlier, this is a special edition of the New Member Round-Up.  That is because these people listed above helped usher us into a new milestone for the Gunslingers.


              This has been an amazing journey thus far, and we can't wait to meet even more casual, mature gamers these next few months!  If you a fellow adult in need of a clan who treats its gaming experience akin to hanging out with a bunch of drinking buddies, consider yourself formally invited to the Gunslingers!  Here are some more updates that has occurred at GS in the last seven days:

              GS Creative Corner - Last week, I posted about how many members share their talent in banner making.  Well, we also have fine musicians, photographers, and writers among us.  That is why an entire section specifically dedicated to celebrating their talent has been added to the Gunslingers Forum.  Check out their creativity and post your own!

              Battle Royale - Take a stab at driving your ironclad through enemy lines in the newest installment in the GS Arcade! 

              The Modern Warfare 3 Gunslingers - Blazing Trails For Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.
              Xbox360. PS3. Wii. PC.
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                264. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
                Gunslingers Newsletter - The Halloween Preparation Edition

                October is busier with game releases than normal, but we can't forget about Halloween!  It is creeping right around the corner.  As a favorite holiday for the Gunslingers, we roll out new updates reflecting our dark love for Halloween every year.  Here is what we have in store so far:

                Halloween GS Site Graphics - If you haven't already noticed, our main banner and the GS mascot has joined the undead posse.  Also, you will find the forum banner and certain other graphics throughout the Gunslinger homepage altered for a more Halloween feel. 

                Attack of the Ancient Macabre! - The Gunslinger Theater has been attacked with vintage (sometimes hilariously bad) horror films!  The infestation is being led by the likes of Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, and Bela Lugosi.  Heck, because we ARE the Gunslingers, I couldn't help but add Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter.  Yes, it is as absurd as it sounds.  Watch them all as you chat with your fellow GSers! 

                Halloween Topics - We have some topics relating to Halloween and horror already being discussed in the GS Forums.  Check out "Your Favorite Horror Movies...", "The Most Important Poll You Will Ever Take", "Horror Games", and "What Are Your Kids Being For Halloween?".  Of course, feel free to add your own topics about the holiday!

                Halloween Arcade - This week, we added three Batman inspired games to the GS Arcade in celebration of the ever-dark Batman: Arkham City release.  The additions also act as a fine way to kick off the Halloween take over of the GS Arcade!  Beginning this coming Sunday, a new Halloween-themed game will be installed into the GS Arcade every single day until November 1st!  Get ready to climb over dead bodies to set the high scores!

                We plan on adding even more features and possibly Halloween inspired events as we get closer to October 31st. 

                The point I am attempting to make with the above passage is that we welcome well rounded fellow adults to game with us.  We know you come from different backgrounds and from different interests.  We embrace that!  And we try to reflect that in the personality of our clan's homepage and with our community updates.  Of course, we are here to game, and the sun never sets at GS in regards to finding folks with whom to game.  If you are a hard working adult or parent looking for a group that not only allows but encourages you to stop worrying about kill/death ratios, leaderboards, and when you can or can't join in-game matches, we invite you to join the Gunslingers!  Simply be at least 18 years of age and register your membership in our GS Forums.  It is that easy!  It is about having fun, so there is no reason to make anyone jump hurdles to do that.

                The Xbox360 Call of Duty Clan for Adults.
                The PS3 Call of Duty Clan for Adults.
                The Wii Call of Duty Clan for Adults.
                The PC Call of Duty Clan for Adults

                Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.
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                  265. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
                  We have been graced with some fantastic new members in the last seven days (from last Wednesday to this  Wednesday), and they deserve to be featured in a New Member Round-Up. Gunslingers, tip your hat to the following folks to swagger into our saloon:

                  oxX VIRTUE Xxo
                  Criptic Hawk
                  Stack 0 Lee
                  The Doc


                  If you are a fellow parent and/or hard working adult gamer who has been looking for a way to keep your gaming experience exclusively with other mature, casual gamers, it is never too late show up in our oasis of good times!  Check us out.  If you like what you see, register your membership by joining our GS Forums.  It is that easy!  You are joining a group comprised of gamers just like you, so we know that you don't have a whole lot of extra time to spend waiting for membership approvals, silly probation periods (what did you do wrong?), or some sort of arbitrary try-out.

                  Instead, grab a brew.  Grab a controller.  Have a good time.  As Gene Simmons once said, "Keep it simple, stupid."

                  The Xbox360 Modern Warfare 3 Clan for Parents and Adults.
                  The PS3 Modern Warfare 3 Clan for Parents and Adults.
                  The Wii Modern Warfare 3 Clan for Parents and Adults.
                  The PC Modern Warfare 3 Clan for Parents and Adults.

                  Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.
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                    266. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
                    As we promised in the last GS Newsletter, tonight marked the first installation of our GS Arcade marathon of adding a new Halloween themed game every single until and through the annual witching hour!  We start things off with an aptly simply named arcade game, Halloween.  Stop the onslaught of skeleton attacks with the most consistency to earn the high score!

                    Of course, our arcade activity doesn't tell you too much about how we are the #1 choice by parent and hard working adult gamers looking to play Modern Warfare 3. Here is an excerpt from our GS History page that best sums us up:

                    The Gunslingers is an oasis for parent and hard working adult gamers from around the world that was formed back in June, 2007. The underlining goal of our group is to create a gaming environment that is fun yet civil and friendly for mature, casual gamers. It is a goal far too uncommon in the gaming community, and is not often honestly sought. For anyone wishing to escape the lulls of silly clan probation periods, distinct divides in community ranks, unrealistic demands of attendance, and continual ugliness of clan wars, the Gunslingers is your haven. We have attracted thousands of like-minded adults, so you are not alone in your wants.

                    The fruit of the Gunslingers is being continuously surrounded by folks sharing your general gaming wants and perspectives. There is plenty of obligations and negativity wishing to take up your time in your career, in your personal life, and certainly during your online travels. It doesn’t need to be that way. The Gunslingers clan, however existential as it may seem, seek to inject some positivity and even escapism in your daily obligations. Come. Kick your feet up. Decompress. Be merry! Everyone deserves that, and, regardless if you are new to online gaming or a veteran, you will be welcomed by the rest of us. Share in our cheer!

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                      267. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults

                      At the Gunslingers, we are always looking for new ways to get fellow mature, casual players gaming with each other. Sure, we get together for some rounds of Call of Duty, but there may have been titles that we have enjoyed prior to meeting up for that game. That is why we have started a new feature entitled By Gunslinger Demand!


                      We, from now on, collectively vote for a game already released that is also one of our favorites. The game with the most votes is featured at the Gunslingers with a linked Master List and its own forum section. We hope to get more older gamers swapping contacts and having a good time with this feature!


                      Join the Gunslingers and start casting your vote! We want you have a great time in this game and other games you have enjoyed in the past.


                      Long live the gamer long in tooth!


                      Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.


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