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    What earns one the term "tryhard"?

      I never knew what behaviour a tryhard had to in COD to earn that title.  I mean doesn't everyone tryhard to win a game or  a match in COD?


      Here are some urban dictionary entries on the matter. 


      7.In regards to recreational activities or video games, someone who must put forth 100% effort to come out victorious. As opposed to someone who doesn't need to do their best to win a game or contest.

      1. A face-saving insult used by someone who is feeling inadequate. Basically accuses anyone who is better than them at anything of putting in effort. Doubles as an excuse for sucking by implying lack of effort on the speaker's part.



      2. An insult blatantly misused by 13-year-old kiddies in online gaming who, ironically, try very hard to win themselves and take it too seriously when they lose.



      So which ones apply to tryhards in this game?  If any.  Or what type of playstile makes someone a try hard?  Is there a standard criteria for this that I don't know about?  Sometimes I think trickshotters.  That fits in with the "hey look what I can do" definition, but they are just trying to look cool, while occasionally getting lucky.


      Can someone give me some tryhard examples and elaborate as much as possible.