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    X-Men: Days of Future Past ....the MOVIE!

      so Bryan Singer has announced that the X-Men First Class sequel is being written right now and that it will be a Days of Future Past storyline

      which will be a little weird since Kitty and Wolverine are not due to be in the movie


      we'll have to have Rachel Summers and Sentinels but what would the story be without the iconic Kitty/Logan team up?

      what do you all think?

      what did you all think of the first X-Men First Class film?

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          It doesn't make too much sense to make a movie about a storyline centered around characters that aren't going to be in the movie.  Of course, the same thing goes for the original X-Men First Class, which had almost none of the real First Class in the movie.  Personally, I really didn't like the original.  I think it was about as bad as X-Men 3, which is saying something (of course I liked it more than Origins Wolverine, though! haha).  The Xavier and Magneto dynamic was pretty entertaining, but everyone else seemed unnecessary.  All the other characters seemed really underdeveloped to me.  Especially the villains. Half of the villains had no lines!  And the other half weren't that interesting to me.  LIke Emma Frost, who was totally portrayed terribly in this movie.  I actually dislike her as a character, but I still thought this portrayal of her was terrible, since she never seemed manipulative or anything.  She was just some lackey.  Anyways... I didn't really like the movie... at all.  Maybe the second will be better, but using Days of Future Past seems like a weird decision to me...

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              I feel just about the same way

              I wasn't a huge fan of the first one

              it was entertaining enough but it could have and probably should have been much more than it was

              but it had the X-Men name on it so it sold and here comes the next one

              I'm looking forward to seeing what characters get added to the cast

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                  I liked First Class.  I didn’t love it.  I have only seen it once so I don’t know if that will change once I re-watch it.  I'd say X2 is still my favorite out of the X-movies.  The idea of using Days of Future Past for the sequel is interesting but like the point RS made, I don’t know how much it will (or can) actually follow the comic book storyline.  Maybe they’ll use some of the time travel to try and address some of the continuity weirdness that exists between the X-men movies now.

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                I don't think I even got halfway-through the first one. Be interesting to see how bad they butcher this great story.

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                  i want to see an X men Days of Future Past having the actors from original trilogy and bringing new characters

                  here they are :


                  1. Halle Berry as Ororo Munro / Storm




                  2. Famke Janssen as White Phoenix of the Crown




                  3. Charlize Theron as Emma Frost / White Queen ( she's better than January Jones and for present, future )




                  4. Angelina Jolie as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch





                  5. Rebecca Romijn as Raven Darkholme / Mystique



                  6. Ian Somerhalder as Alex Summers / Havoki ( Present, Future after young Alex / Havok, Lucas Till )




                  7. Jason Isaacs as Nathaniel Essex / Mister Sinister



                  8. Michael Clarke Duncan as En Sabah Nur / Apocalypse




                  9. Shane Brolly as Bennet du Paris / Exodus



                  10 . Viggo Mortensen as Bastion





                  i know Apocalypse, Mister Sinister and Exodus don't got a travel time when i think they are good confirmed major villains for X men Days of Future Past 2014

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                      While a good choice, your pick for Apocalypse is impossible since Michael Clarke Duncan passed away Sept 3.


                      In other news....the search for a new director is on.  Not sure why it won't let me post a link, but Matthew Vaugn decided not to direct the movie.  There is speculation that Bryan Singer may replace him.  They better pick a director quick so they don't have a rushed production again (or move the release date).

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                          They've confirmed Singer as the new director for the next X-Men movie.  I'm not a fan of his vision of the X-Men movies, but hopefully he'll be able to up his game.  The X-men has always had that serious side, especially with a storyline like Days of the Future Past you're not gonna have a whole lot of laughs, but I hope it doesn't completely forget the fun side of comics.

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                              He did say that there wouldn't be leather costumes again!  I didnt' have a big problem with them seeing as how I think it would be tricky to translate a lot of the X-men comic book costumes to the big screen and make them look ok, but I'm still interested in what they decide to use this time.

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                                  Yeah, I heard about that, but I'm not getting too excited until I see some concept art.  I thought the black leather was so dull and lacking any color.  It also gave them a very militarized look which doesn't really jive with a group deeply rooted in civil rights.  So, I think it fails both ends.  For the comic costumes, I think it's a lot about picking the right costume to adept and making the necessary tweaks as well as picking the right fabric and the right fit for the actor.  Some might need more tweaks than others, but I don't think you have to thrown the baby out with the bath water because of one or two aspects.  The costumes of Thor and Cap (from his solo movie) are great examples of taking the comic book visuals and making a few tweaks to make em awesome for live action.

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                                      Kinda funny...the last things we were talking about were the costumes.....and here is a first look at Storm.  Singer said "no black leather", but this isn't that much different.  Granted, I don't know how much of a role the "older" X-men are going to have (especially Berry, since she is pregnant) so these costumes may only be used in a quick falsh forward future sequence or something.   Still too early for me to start doubting the movie too much.  There’s some great potential with the story line (and that’s a packed and stacked cast too!) so I’m expecting a very good movie.  Here’s hoping it turns out like I hope it does!