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    Can the call of duty community have updates for old call of duty games.

      Hello, Activision, Infinity ward, Treyarch, also fellow cod gamers for all systeams


      Today i was looking threw my games for xbox 360 and came across my cod4 also cod world at war  and decided to jump on some multiplayer and well everyone pretty much knows this the game is hacked like crazy people jumping over bulidings in the map messages poping up on my screen so i decided to jump on the discussion on call of duty.com and brought a idea to the table can we the cod gamers get an update to the old cod games we loved so much for multiplayer just an update to get rid of all the hacking going on i am asking u the makers of cod Infinity ward , Treyarch also Activision if u could help us out with this. i know you guys might be busy with the makeing of black ops2 and the next IW game that will be comeing out but can u please help us out even a little. i really dont want to see cod 4 and world at war get hacked to the ground.