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        I've been away for the boards for quite some time, but I'm glad to see that this was still on the first page. Keep the petition strong, guys!



        Please don't let this game fall away and become forgotten. We'd all want this DLC, it would give the game crazy replay value. However, there is a "indefinite hiatus" point.

        By that, I mean...DLC can only come out while a game is relavent, otherwise you guys won't really make a significant revenue. Unfortunately, making fans happy isn't enough for a company and it's employees. And it's understandable that you guys need fans and also casual gamers to make the purchase. It is a bussiness afterall. That said, the movie has come and gone, and most non-fans have either traded the game back in, or beaten it and put it aside.

        It's not over yet! Don't get me wrong. I'm just saying that an official word or something would at least spark up hope and revitalize interest. This is beginning to feel as though it's been put on indefinite hiatus.

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              I apologize if it seems like I'm bumping an old thread. However, this is a great response from Beenox and Activision and I wanted to speak to the fans and say that our voices were heard. Our petition actually meant something. The very first things announced for TASM2 have been the ability to play as Peter Parker. And the movie's suit is essentially the classic Red/Blue (though, I'm sure the comic version is in the game too).


              So we didn't get an answer right away, and we didn't get it in the first game, but this is much better. Had they shoved it into TASM1, it would have just been a skin. However, it looks as if playing as Peter Parker will be integral to gameplay for this sequel.


              There are still four months left, worth of announcements between now and the release so they still have time to announce random crime. I wrote a public letter to them thanking them for giving fans what we've asked for. And thank you all for working together to give a clear voice about what we wanted.


              This thread and the story overall gets a happy ending!

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                Wouldn't get my hopes up high for the Peter Parker part though. It was already confirmed that it's only part of the story/certain missions and that we "most likely" can't switch to Peter in freeroam/at any time. Don't think they add that in, but hey atleast it's a start.

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                  Where was that "confirmed"? Link, please. And the petition was for Peter Parker to be in the game, even if it's not in the free roam. Though there's no definitive source saying that he won't be.

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                    I posted the source a few minutes after you replied but it seems to be stuck in the moderator approval queue.

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                      Right. They said you can not change into Peter Parker at any time and then when asked if you could specifically play as Peter Parker, they said probably not. And a few other questions about being PP, they were just as coy about it. If it was a definite "No", reasonably, they would just say "No". It seems more like they're not trying to spoil an unlockable.


                      Listen, I'm just saying that the devs were AWARE of what was asked for and one of the VERY FIRST things that they showed us was Peter Parker being playable. It would be silly for them to have not included it. That coupled with them not directly saying "No, you can not play as Peter Parker in free roam" means that there's no definitive answer just yet.


                      It's just as likely that they did throw it in the game. And his "secret identity" would only matter in story-mode. Which seems like they were dodging the question. Sure, I could be giving them too much credit, but unless it's a no, there's no reason to act like we know.

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                        The way I understand it is that you cannot decide when to switch to Peter Parker (the missions do that for you, hence the story-based comment). Since it's story based you probably can't freeroam either because it will most likely switch you back to Spidey again once the Peter part is done.


                        That's just my guess how it turns out (pretty much similar to the Bruce Wayne part in Arkham City & the Peter gameplay in SM3 when you enter the Daily Bugle). I'd be happy if they prove me wrong though and somehow manage to fit in an end-game switch mechanic. But I don't really see it happening tbh.


                        Waiting for TASM3 then when they finally realize that people want to have control over who they're playing so they give us the option to switch at any time. Just kidding...

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