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    SHIELD TV series


      It looks to be all, but official.  We're getting a SHIELD TV show and Whedon is said to write and direct the first episode!  I'd love to see Mockingbird appear in the show and she damn well better be a smartass, haha.  It would be sweet too to get some Hawkeye development, as its been said movie characters will be making appearances.


      Who would you all like to see and happen with this show?

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          Bet it's before the Avengers, and Phil Coulson is the main character. He's a fan-favorite, and the actor playing him isn't too expensive, and doesn't have a job playing Coulson after the Avengers. They could have Nick Fury, Hawkeye, and Black Widow in the series once in a awhile, without needing Cap, Iron Man, and Thor, who would be more expensive and harder to have on tv. Unless they recast some actors, which I really hope doesn't happen. As for villains, terror cells like Hydra and A.I.M. would work perfectly, some small-time villains like Grey Gargoyle, and they should have some alien races, like the Skrulls and Kree. There should be a lot of easter eggs and references to the films and comics, and characters like Mockingbird and Carol Danvers should be introduced. this should be awesome.

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            That's an awesome idea, Loki.  His actor's more of a TV actor, I think, anyways, so it'd make tons of sense.  I don't see Fury appearing very much, just because Samual L. Jackson might not want to be on the show too often, though I could see him appearing in the first episode or something to get things started and then letting Smulders as Hill take over more of the "leadership" role, possibly.  Introducing Carol in this show would be awesome, though.  If it's successful, they could even use it to launch her into the movies by giving her powers later on.


            But they definitely shouldn't include a lame character like Mockingbird.  No one likes her! haha, just kidding, Hawk.  Mockingbird would be cool.

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              it's a cool idea, but I have a feeling there won't be all that many cameos from other Marvel characters

              just due to all the liscensing balony

              I hope they open the world up a bit and mention past marvel events and other races and worlds we know play a big role in the marvel U

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                I really don't get the love that Coulson gets, haha.


                There's a quote going around with Whedon saying that the show will be pretty much indepedent from the movie storylines, which makes me wonder if they're gonna decide to do this in a separate TV universe.  It'd give them plenty of freedom and allow them to use and recast characters like Fury, Black Widow, and Hawkeye, which I'd be all in favor of since I don't think they can bank on "Hey, this is related to the movie everyone saw!" to support it and I doubt we'll be seeing Widow or Hawkeye getting their own movies.  But I haven't seen an exact quote from Whedon so I could be completely wrong, haha.  I think it'd be weird to do SHIELD without Fury though, it's like X-Men without Professor X.

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                  yeah it's a little weird that Fury won't be there, at least not for the majority of the time

                  maybe he'll pop up from time to time

                  I'm hoping the pick a few marvel characters to add to mix and let them shine

                  maybe Mockingbird, Spider-woman, GW Bridge, Sharon Carter, etc

                  maybe even bring in another team or two, like Heroes for Hire or the Invaders for an arc or two

                  I think this series has a lot of potential

                  but I'm scared it's going to end up feeling like a procedural cop show or something

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                    Yeah, I don't want to see a procedural cop show either, I'm not a fan of those and I'm not sure there's enough villains to do it that way, especially since a lot of the big names will be reserved for the movies.  I'd like to see a big overarching story about AIM or Hydra, with the occasional Villain-of-the-week type of episode peppered in here and there.

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                      There's way too many of those procedural shows out there, but I don't think (or want to think) that this'll be like that, since Whedon's making the pilot and I assume he'll have some control over the show.  A generic show like that doesn't seem like his thing.

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                        Not too big on SHIELD so I probably won't be watching it.

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                          I don't know enough about SHIELD to be (totally) interested but I'll definitly give it a try.

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