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    For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.

      First off, I bought MW3 for the wii the first night it was released. I have more hours playing that game probably than anyone. What Im about to say is just helpful advice to play MW3 without being cheated on. This is probably going to be a long post but its totally up to you if you want to read it. By the way, Im not some little kid just talking, Im actually over 40 years old. Yes Im old, but I grew up playing video games like the rest of us and even though I got older, I still love playing the video games. Anyway, let me get down to business.


      I was in a clan once til the owner ended it. When I first started playing Black ops, I camped. Then MW3 came out and I still camped. I became good at camping, hiding, and sneaking around. My clan-mates didnt like me doing that but that was all I knew at the time. I was scared to run and gun because I didnt wont to die anymore than I had too. So, with that said, believe it or not, my kill/death ratio got up to 2.58 on MW3. That was on the lobby leader board, not the barricks. It was (3 something) on the barricks. Then one day I said, Im going to start running and gunning. My kill/death ratio went up to 2.65. Between people hacking, new patches and fixes I couldnt hold on to it. Long story short, I ended up starting all over and doing nothing but running and gunning and in todays MW3 its very hard to maintain or to even get to a 2.00 kill/death ratio. With that being said, MAJORITY of the people playing MW3 with a kill/death ratio of 2.00 and over are extremely good canidates of possible hacking/cheating. Any kill/death ratio near 3.00 and over are 100% hackers/cheating. You cannot run and gun and maintain and kill/death ratio that high. So my rules for me are, not to play with people 2.00 and over. Your`re asking for trouble if you do. Dont take me wrong. Some people can get near 2.00 or a 2.00 ratio without cheating but they are few and far in-between.


      Something I have notice, MOST hackers/cheaters dont have but 2 yellow bars (connection bars) beside their name. I have 4 green bars most of the time because I have good internet. This is something else to keep an I on. If you see someone dominating and they only have 2 yellow bars, you best leave. How can you dominate with hardly any connection? Leave the game.


      As we all know, MW3 isnt a perfect game. You have bullets that can curve around corners and kill you. You have a cheat put in the game which the people who developed the game made it a legal cheat as I call it. Its called DEATHSTREAK. They say its when you need a little extra help. I say you need a little extra practice instead. Deathstreaks will help you get a kill but how does it help you in any other way? You are still the same old player that has trouble playing the game. Deathstreaks are illegal and shouldnt been put in the game but like I said. They made it a legal cheat. Another thing, this game wont allow you to be good. Something stupid will happen if you are dominating too much it seems. You will get killed in a stupid way that should of never happen. I`ve noticed that too. I`ve been 19-0 recently and got killed and shouldnt have and then got killed 2 more times right after that. I told someone watching me play, I went 19-0 and all of a sudden I get killed 3 straight times!!!!!!! No way!!!!!! Anyway, servers cause people to be good one game and suck the next, internet does the same thing and then the game itself is an issue at times.


      If you enter a game thats already started, look at the score before you start. If the score is one sided then its a chance someone is cheating. Then look at the people and see who is dominating. Determine whether they are cheating or the one team is jujst dominating or the other team sucks. Theres no need to be on a losing team because you will get beat down and over ran because your teammates cannot keep the enemy ata distance and they will over run you and your team. So, keep an eye on the score when entering a game thats already started.


      As I said at the beginning of this post. I`ve been playing a long time and a lot of hours so I know what Im talking about. Another way to spot a cheater, is how many kills he has or is getting. Its extremely hard to get 40+ kills in a game.I`ve only broke 40+ kills a few times since the game came out. An average number of good kills a game is between 20-30. If you get over 30, you done real good, over 40, that extraordinary. MAJORITY of the time if someone breaks 40+ kills, they are hacking/cheating. Every MOAB I have ever gotten, I never broke 40+ kills in that game. So getting 40+ kills in a game is just odd but like I said, I`ve done it a few times but its extremely hard to do. So keep an eye out for that.


      Something that stands out to me and it concerns me is people with mics that cant stop talking or singing, loud colorful names, and when they do the name hack with ([gas+]) to make signs in their name. This tells me right then that this person has been looking on the internet on how to hack, possible hack or doing something to stand out, or to be seen or heard. These people are looking for attention. They are saying, HEY, LOOK AT ME, IM MAKING YOU LOOK AT ME BECAUSE I KEEP SINGING AND TALKING ON THE MIC AND MY NAME IS LOUD AND COLORFUL SO YOU CAN SEE ME. What Im saying is, these people have been on the internet looking at something dealing with hack so its a possibility that they might be hacking or at least looked at how to do it. So keep an eye out fro these people as well. They might be alittle shady.


      Hacking has gotten so bad that its 1 out of every 10 players are hacking/cheating. If you get in a game and it appears no one is hacking/cheating then I would keep playing with them as long as you can.


      My saying is, everytime I see someone hacking/cheating, they cant play....lol...Simple as that. These people cant play MW3 and be competitive so they turn to cheating to be dominant, too compete and to win. If a guy was good at MW3 like myself, why would they cheat? They have no reason to cheat if most of their games were good. So, that tells me only people that cant play MW3 cheat. I dont know why they just dont practice more and try things instead of cheating. Become good by practicing, be good, play smart. Its sad but funny when someone cheats and still gets killed alot....lol...That really tells me he cant play at all. These hackers/cheaters take the easy way out in MW3. As the old saying goes. You have to weed these players out. Get rid of these players from the game you are in by leaving til you find a good group of people to play with. There are always going to be cheaters and hackers as long as they put an SD-CARD in these games. If you cheat, you lie and you will steal. The world is full of people like that. Just feel sorry for hackers because they cant play the game and let them have their fun and you have to be the responsible person and move on to the next game where people play fair.


      Do I think the developers of these on-line games can stop hacking? Sure, but they arent dedicated to doing that. The wii is the low-income mans gaming console and thats how it is looked at. X-BOX and PLAYSTATION cost more and thats was ruling. I`ll take my wireless motion controls over graphics anyday.


      When playing in these games, take notice how quick someone kills you. Sometimes  this is an internet thing and sometimes people have over-powered bullets. I was in a game yesterday and only 1 guy that I had trouble killing. He killed me everytime I saw him. Cheating or internet? Dont know. I have played games before where I could do the same thing so it can be the internet sometimes but not all the time. You be the judge. Most of the time if I get killed and it looks like he knew where I was or I got killed through a wall or something stupid, I leave the game.


      Thats all for now. Peace.........



      Things to look out for:


      1. High team scores, individual scores.


      2. Name hacks. Loud colorful names and mic.


      3. High kill/death ratio.


      4. If you think someone is cheating, look at the connection bars. Most, not all, hackers will have 2 yellow bars.

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          1. Re: For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.

          wow i respect you and other thing the colorfull names is a normal thing now and hacking yes is getting control of online so i myself will quit mw3 wii(at least for a while)

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            2. Re: For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.

            tlaspepper wrote:


            Any kill/death ratio near 3.00 and over are 100% hackers/cheating. You cannot run and gun and maintain and kill/death ratio that high. So my rules for me are, not to play with people 2.00 and over. Your`re asking for trouble if you do. Dont take me wrong. Some people can get near 2.00 or a 2.00 ratio without cheating but they are few and far in-between.



            Speak for yourself buddy. I'm so sick of people like you that are bad at the game and try to put other people down and accuse them of "hacking". I've seen maybe 1 hacker in the past week and all he was doing was flying around the map like a gypsy not killing anyone.


            You should try practicing before crying wolf just because you can't accept the fact that you were beat in a video game. Maybe less people will seem like they're "hacking" to you. It seems like I run into more people crying about hacking then people actually hacking.


            I just got in a fight last night with some scumbag on Black Ops who accused me of hacking because I had 30k spyplanes (used hardline exclusively for my first 14 stieges). I swear the COD Wii Community is so pathetic these days. I wish they would make a rule against crying about stuff in game/the forums. The game would be so much more fun...

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              3. Re: For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.



              To OP, KDR means absolutely nothing, it's a pointless stat. If you want to go by it, there are many people who can run a 3.0+ without cheating (a good amount of my allies can do this no problem) by running around. Nintendon't is completely right about everything, there are tons more people running around screaming "hacks" because they were beat fair and square, but they can't admit to it, than people actually hacking.


              The time period you bought the game means absolutely nothing as well; many people bought it on day one.



              Somone who runs around with a "hacking KDR" by your standards.

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                4. Re: For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.

                Haha, exactly.  The Ai clan has several legitimate people with kds over 2.5 btw... are they not legitimate?  If the person prefires around a corner, drops you in about 1 bullet, or calls in killstreaks they obviously didn't earn then they probably hack.  Hackers also seem to LOVE the fmg akimbos too.  The only thing I agree on is the name thing, everything else you said doesn't apply to all hackers.   I play with 2 kd players all the time, not like they are that rare.

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                  5. Re: For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.

                    Well I agree with most of your assumptions. I like you am an older gentleman. 42 to be exact, and have had the game since it came out and have also logged quite a few hours in this game. That being said I will prove your one assumption false. KDR. I have a 3.3+ KDR in my barracks and in most other game modes I am right near there if not over a 3. I have been hopped then hacked/ demoted back to the beginning. In the profiles I had back then my KDR was almost a 4. I agree with you that since the hacking has gone out of control I have seen my KDR go down as well. I have never hacked or glitched. I, like you, think that hackers are pathetic. If you can't play the game the way it was meant to be played then don't play it.I play all styles with all weapon styles. I mainly run and gun and do alot of flanking but I can snipe and hold down areas just the same. So please don't try to tell everyone that just because you can't carry a 3+ KDR that anyone who can is a hacker. I am sick of people like you who immediately see mine or other people stats who excel start whining and calling me/them a hacker. Even after I have played multiple matches with a 3+ KDR I still hear people like you saying there is no way your that good. Sorry. I'm far from the best and have been owned by other legitimate players but some of us can legitimately do well.

                    As for the amount of kills in a game. I partially agree with you. True if you constantly see someone getting over 40 kills it seems like they are a hacker. I will say though that I have played against and with people who have done just that who don't hack at all. They are just that good. I have had many matches with more than 40 kills. Most I ever had was in the 60's. It can happen. I don't really pay attention to my stats I just enjoy playing the game.It is becoming harder to enjoy it with th amount of hackers on the rise. I can honestly say this will more than likely be the last game I buy for the Wii. I plan on getting a PS3 at years end and will not pursue COD on that console. I will be going back to my beloved sport games. My hands don't work well enough to do the controls of the PS3 to play COD. I like the Wii-mote and nunchuk combination but am getting frustrated by the hackers and whiners out there. I seldom use the mic anymore and almost always have the chat muted so I don't hear the complainers like yourself.

                    All I am trying to say is watch what you are saying. Don't make assumptions off your own individual beliefs and abilities. Like I said, I am not the best nor do I claim to be. I can keep up with most and excel. Sure I have matches where I am under a 2 KDR or even barely break a 1 KDR. You win some and you lose some.

                    Last note, the Wii is not a low-income man's game console. It is a console catored to children and a device to try and bring familes together in game play. Games like COD where really never meant to be put on this console. Glad they did though. Have fun gaming and staying calm. PEACE!!

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                    6. Re: For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.

                    Agreed, plus if he means 40+ kills on all gamemodes then that's BS imo.  In every mode besides TDM and S&D 40+ kills is very possible.  I have had 40+ kill tdms though, best being 49-5 even.  I get 40+ kill games in kill confirmed, team defender, etc. a fair amount of times though...

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                      7. Re: For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.

                      colorful names and having signs in your name doesn't make you a hacker....heck I've got my name in all Yellow and the (gas+) isn't a hack either. You say you know a lot but it doesn't really look like it man. It also looks like you judge players by their KDRs, its something to look out for but don't trust my KDR I have a 1.49 but I like to mess around a lot when I'm not in a party. I'll run pistols only (not really as much fun as in Reflex but its doable), leave claymores out in the open and see if anyone is stupid enough to run into them, cook grenades and run into the enemies (Team Kamikaze is actually pretty funny - remind me to thank Silent later. Oh and throwing semtex on your teammates and watching them freak out XD) granted I take a lot of deaths for this but when I have my game face on I'll tag you and hunt you down as if you were a dirty mutt and I was the animal control....ooohhhh yeah


                      I really dont know why people still take this game seriously, loosen up people its so obvious this game has been lost to hackers for...well probably since it came out really T_T
                      If you can't take the hackers just leave and play some Epic Mickey, it's pretty fun actually

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                        8. Re: For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.

                        Oh and you should see 4H's stats. Totally legit, whopping KDRs and W/L is like, unbelievably high

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                          9. Re: For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.

                          I dont know what type of internet or game some of you guys are playing on, but there are plenty of hackers out there since nintendont cant seem to see them. I guess he`s one of them. You learn how to play and stop hacking Nintendont. Funny how people talk about high kill death ratios but when I play I have the highest most of the time. Which is low because it doesnt work anymore. Thats another fix they need to work on.The people I play on my tv cannot hold a 3.00 or more kill/death ratio. So its obvious you guys must play different people than myself because where I live on my screen when playing MW3, NO ONE CAN HOLD A 3.00+ kill/death ratio. Its luck to see someone with a 2.00. Maybe Im playing high level players....lol...

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