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    So the day of the last of Premiums 3 maps are what ?




      (As well as the Content Calendar)


      Now this is a rumor or a mistake on Activisions part I feel for many reasons. ONE would be that Sept 6th is not on a Tuesday.



      As Call of Duty: Black Ops II heats up, Modern Warfare 3 begins to cool down. Activision announced today that the fourth and final DLC collection, entitled Final Assault, will be releasing on September 6th. (See thats not a Tuesday)

      Final Assault is a straightforward multiplayer map pack for Modern Warfare 3, and delivers five new maps to the fray. These maps include:

      • Parish
      • Boardwalk
      • Gulch
      • Off Shore (previously available for Premium)
      • Decommission (previously available for Premium)

      Modern Warfare 3: Final Assault will be launching on Xbox 360 on September 6th, no word on when the three new maps will be available for Premium members, however.

      Stay tuned for more information on Final Assault!"



      So does that nean we get the last maps this Tuesday the 4th ???


      So much for getting DLC Maps early. If this is true then they lost me on Elite 2.0. A MONTH early would be acceptable but not a week or so.