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    Level Progression



      As we in the final stages of working out our level and unlock progression and I wanted to share with you an update on where we are.


      This post, like my Dead Silence vs Awarness thread, is to get you educated, set your expectations, while taking constructive feedback. Please keep your replies on topic and clean. This thread will be heavily moderated.


      Black Ops 2 has 55 levels in it. The total amount of XP is very similar to the amount needed to prestige in World at War and Modern Warfare 1. I'd say it's easier to level up, because you earn more XP than ever before with our Medals, Challenges we make available to you, as well as the leveling up guns themselves which grant bonus XP.


      You unlock Create a Class at level 4, just like our last game. You get 1 unlock token every time you level up. So at level 4, you have 4 tokens.


      At level 4, we give you about a dozen things you can equip "for free." This means you don't have to spend an unlock token on them. It's effectivelly one item from each category.


      • 1 Assault Rifle
      • 1 SMG
      • 1 LMG
      • 1 Shotgun
      • 1 Sniper Rifle
      • 1 Perk from each of the 3 perk categories
      • 1 lethal grenade
      • 1 tactical grenade/equipment


      We also give you about a dozen things you can spend your unlock tokens on. 1 item from each category, plus you can unlock a Wildcard with an unlock token.


      You get a perk at level 5. You get equipment at level 6.


      At level 7 we unlock Scorestreaks. You get 3 for free and 3 you can optionally spend unlock tokens on.


      At level 8 we give you a Perk. At level 9 we give you new Scorestreak.


      At level 10, we start to settle into a pattern. Their are exceptions, but the pattern is generally like this. At every major rank change, which is every 3 levels, we give you a gun and usually "something else" as a bonus for reaching a major rank change.


      In general, it goes like this.


      • Level 10 - Weapon + Something Else
      • Level 11 - Equipment (either lethal or tatical).
      • Level 12 - Scorestreak


      This pattern then repeats through all 55 levels with some minor statstical variations or bonuses when they make sense and because they math can't be perfect.


      I'll take feedback about where you feel any piece of equipment should be in the progression, but please provide a logical (non-emotional) reason for that.

      We will do at least one more pass before we finalize this progression systems so I'll take inputs.



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          1. Re: Level Progression

          Honestly, this sounds brilliant.


          I'd like to see Blind Eye come at an early tier. My reasoning is simple... I'd rather be involved in a gunfight than hiding from killstreak rewards. Nothing worse that being "that guy" at an early level getting your teammates killed because you are giving up their position.


          How will attachments be unlocked? I noticed that was not mentioned in this thread. Will they be unlocked as the player uses a weapon to complete challenges?

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            2. Re: Level Progression

            Hi Vahn, thanks for the info.


            From my point of view I would like to unlock the most versatile equipment first. For me, traditionally that has been a concusion grenade.


            I might change that to the new shock charge, if the shock charge also disables equipment temporarily  (which I am unsure of), due to its delayed proximity triggering abilities.


            The next item on my wish list would probably be the sensor grenade, but would understand if It came latter.


            Edit: Why I would like the sensor grenade early: I like to  pressure the other team to use certain defensive perks. Putting them on the miny map is part of that.


            Edit2:  I tend to stick to things that I get comfortable with. Hence in MW3, I used semtex in preference to C4, until recently. And now I am a C4 fan. IMO BO1 pro-perks did alot to push me into different game modes that I wouldn't normally play. And you find yourself getting into new things.


            Maybe that principle could be applied to equipment in BO2. I'm sure you have a view of how equipment would be ranked in terms of useage / popularity. I think it would be fun to reverse the ranking order, all call it the unlock order. Propably not a popular idea, but might get people using different stuff.

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              3. Re: Level Progression

              I like what I read A LOT! By the way, great job on the game. I want to know how attachments are unlocked (are they given to you when you unlock the weapon or purchased by another unlock token?). Also, are camos back in the game, and if so, how are they unlocked?


              In your general example, you said at level 10, you get a new gun and something else. Is that "something else" something we choose or do you guys choose it for us? Can the extra something be another weapon or perk? Do we pick what weapon is unlocked at level 10?


              Just some things I want clarified. Thanks for the info and great job by the dev team on this game!!!


              EDIT: You mentioned something about leveling up guns. Is that similar to what Infinity Ward did with Modern Warfare 3? Is that how attachments and camos are unlocked (like MW3)?


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              EDIT 2.0: You say at level 4 we get about 12 things "for free," or not having to spend an unlock token on it. If we want an Assault Rifle, can it be any rifle, or are the unlocks gated by level (e.g. in Black Ops 1, we could get anything we wanted if we had enough CoD Points and we were at a high enough level)? Do we have to be a certain level to have the ability to use our unlock token on it?


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                4. Re: Level Progression

                I think what he was saying if I read that right... is that the "something else" will change every 3 levels as you change ranks, starting at level 10. So you will always get a weapon + one other item, but that could be anything and will vary from rank to rank. Thats how I read it, at least.

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                  5. Re: Level Progression

                  If that is the case, it seems like we don't get to choose exactly what we want in the category (e.g. frag or semtex). Maybe Vahn means that Treyarch picks the category and we pick what we want in that category...


                  I like what the dev team is doing in trying to make us actually have a decision. We can't have everything in a single prestige, which I like.

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                    6. Re: Level Progression

                    What exactly is the sensor grenade? Is it like the portable radar?

                    Also, do you have any info on the grenade scanner that was rumored in the weapons/attachments list (list - http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200499845?tstart=0)?

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                      7. Re: Level Progression

                      My undertsnading is that the sensor grenade replaces the portable radar.


                      I have read different things about it.


                      Speculation 1: When in use opposition team members will only show on the deployers mini map.


                      Speculation 2: It only works for a limited time.


                      Speculation 3: It is akin to using a flash/ concussion grenade and the recon pro perk in MW3.


                      I did see somthing about the grenade scanner attachment. Have no idea what it is. But it seems to have slipped of most lists I have read around the place.

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                        8. Re: Level Progression

                        I want more information on the leveling system. It's not clear enough at all.


                        Personally, I hate the token idea. I'm a 0 prestiger, and from what I've read... there are over 100 things to unlock, and only 55 tokens. So, at 0 prestige I can't have everything. This is a buzzkill with the information given.


                        I don't have any suggestions, just feedback. This system may kill the game for me, depending on how prestiging works.


                        What I want to know: By prestiging, does a player keep his remaining tokens, or the items he has already unlocked with the tokens?


                        Without this information, this system is still on the fense. If you loose your tokens by prestiging... then Black Ops 2 Multiplayer won't be for me.

                        If you keep your tokens, and are able to unlock every item (excluding camos) by first prestige, then I'll most likely accept this system.


                        Other than the token thing, I can't really complain about anything for the leveling system.

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                          9. Re: Level Progression

                          Vahn confirmed that by the final prestige you will be able to unlock everything, in both interviews and in a tweet today.


                          D Bert @D_Bert91


                          @DavidVonderhaar At least allow players to be able to unlock everything at a certain point maybe 10th prestige.


                          1 SepDavid Vonderhaar @DavidVonderhaar


                          @D_Bert91 Yes, of course. We never said you can't get everything. We said you can't get everything from 1-55.



                          Just like everything else in life... if you want something you will work for it. No more sitting at top level with all the toys while everyone else takes on challenges. You can still sit at top level, but you better make some good choices along the way. They are going to give us tools to test items out before we spend tokens on them so you make an educated choice.


                          Vahn has also hinted that you get to take things with you when you Prestige... so while you start over, you get the advantage of bringing things with you.


                          Change is good, so is challenge and hard work.

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