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    If you're having trouble after downloading the latest Content Collection on Xbox 360, please read!

      If you are having trouble after downloading the latest Call of Duty: MW3 DLC Content Collection 4 pack for Xbox 360 here is a workaround to launch the game with all owned content:


      1. Go to Settings

      2. Select System Settings

      3. Select Storage

      4. Select Hard Drive > Games & Apps > MW3

      5. DELETE one of the 56 KB files titled "Collection 1/2/3/4 - Marketplace Content"


      Outlined in this photo:

      photo (5).JPG

      Please contact ATVI Support if you require further assistance:



      Twitter: @ATVIAssist


      We'll have a TU released that will fix this issue for everyone, but for now this work around will not cause you a content loss.