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    So NOW they want to make a 24/7 playlist...

      Wow.  Just wow.  Infinity Ward you are about 9 months late on this one.  People have been asking for a Dome 24/7 playlist since the game launched.  It would not have been hard to throw it in there one of the double xp weekend we've had.  But you wait until the life cycle of your game is complete to even consider it?  Pathetic.  Just pathetic.  It is not hard to implement a 24/7 playlist.  I understand it takes up a server, but that will easily get more plays than many of the random game modes you have. 


      So IW, thank you.   Thank you for finally deciding to make a 24/7 playlist.  You're just 9 months late on it.  Absolutely pathetic.  I don't know who's supposed to be the face of IW now(Tina?) but whoever it is needs to start engaging the community and taking suggestions.  You want to know why people like Treyarch more?  It's because of two things.


      1.  They innovate.  They actually change things in their game besides the pictures on the menu.


      2.  They engage the community, ask for feedback, and make us feel like they're listening. 



      Infinity Ward, you fail at both of these.  For the success of your future games, I'd highly suggest hiring a person who can be the face of your company and engage the community.  Let them take ideas and put them before you.  If you don't do that, your next Call of Duty game will be the beginning of the end.  I don't say that of MW3 only because Black Ops 2 has a chance to right the ship.  Will they do it?  We'll find out in November.  But if they don't, then the sinking didn't start with them.  It started with you.



      So once again, thank you Infinity Ward for FINALLY listening to the community 9 months late and letting us have a 24/7 playlist of Dome.  I understand that you stated that you will let us vote on which map will be 24/7, but I don't think there's really any competition.  We all know how often Dome gets voted over other maps(every time).  So get your crap together and start acting like you care about your community.  Because you have failed at that ONCE AGAIN. 


      Okay my rant it done.  I will now go back to the caves of the Elite forum and the BO2 Zombie forum.