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    White only in the kills and deaths readout?

      One thing that I noticed in the footage so far is that when player X kills player Y with whatever gun both players names are in white font.


      That needs to change.


      In Waw if you team mate killed an enemy their name would appear to the left in green font and the player killed to the left in red font. If an enemy player killed your team mate this sequence would be reversed with the red name on the left and the green on the right.


      This was a great little feature as it enabled you to keep a track of how your team was going - if there was lots of green on the left = good, lots of red on the left = bad.


      If both names appear in white [and especially if you are playing on a team of randoms who you don't know] it makes it much more difficult to keep track of how your team is going AND if you are playing S&D how many of your team mates are still alive.


      I don't understand why this has been changed on games subsequent to WaW.


      Please bring it back AND squads.

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