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        The cast for the SHIELD show has been revealed and none of them are characters from the comics.


        Personally, that evaporates my excitement for the show.  I can understand why they wouldn't wanna use characters like Mockingbird or Spider-Woman or Sh-Hulk, since they could potentially end up in the movies, but its hard for me to get excited about a show that has no connection to Marvel outside of the name SHIELD and probably a few references.

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          Yeah, that is kinda disappointing.  It seems like it could easily end up being a generic police procedural with the Marvel name on it, then.  But I'm still planning to give it a shot, since you never know.  Unless Jeph Loeb is involved.  But, luckily this show is safe from him.

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            It could still be a good show, but without comic book characters it doesn't really seem like a Marvel show.

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              I'm hoping that it'll be something where these characters are always meeting regular Marvel characters, though, which is still possible.  Not like they gotta meet Iron Man or Thor, but there's plenty of characters who would never get their own movie that they could have pop up during the show.

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                I'm not sure they would.  I mean, if they have Luke Cage, for example, pop up wouldn't ya wonder why they just didn't make him part of the main cast instead of all these guys no one knows about.  Comic fans might not be a major part of the audience, but it seems smarter to grow awareness and fanbases by having the comic characters be the main cast, rather than just be on the fringe of it.  Ya can't pick up a comic with any of these new Whedon characters in it.

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                  Looks like Coulson will be coming back (somehow!) in the TV series.



                  I wonder if this series will take place before the Avengers.  Interesting......

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                    Haha, you would think the guy was Iron Man with all that fanfare.

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                      Heard the news about Coulson, so that sounds pretty cool!  I'm guessing it'll be set before the Avengers movie, but it's possible that they could do something where Fury lied about Coulson even dying in the movie.  He is Fury, after all.  I don't really think they'd do that, though, since you'd think lots of people would be real mad and say it "cheapens" his death in the movie.

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                        It has been confirmed that the series will take place AFTER the events of The Avengers.


                        I would be one of the people RS mentioned in the last post that would be a little upset if it turned out that Fury lied and Coulson didn't really die.  If he really IS alive I would want to see how they would do the reactions of people like Cap and Tony, but with contractual stuff chances are pretty much zero that you would see that on the tv show.  Maybe they'll make Coulson a LMD or have his brainwaves programmed into a computer or hologram to train the other SHIELD agents.  Guess have to wait and find out. 

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                          I thought it was possible.  I mean, the only confirmation we got that Coulson died was Fury's word.  And you can never trust Fury's word.  That's like the opposite of confirmation.  It'd be really awesome if we ever got to see what the Avengers had to say about that and how that'd divide them from Fury and SHIELD, though I'm not sure how they're planning on handling that, if they even do plan on handling it.  Coulson could totally end up in a future movie, which would let us see their reactions, but I guess we'll just have to wait and find out...

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