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    All or Nothing, why you shooting??

      Its the only game mode which is designed for people who like Knife V Knife.. Its a game where it comes down to the reaction of the player and skill, no cross map no scoping, no thousand EMP's, Stealth Streaks..


      I couldnt care less if I am T.Knifed from across the map, or lunge killed from 20 feet away or even killed 20 times in a row by a decent player.

      But to be killed by someone who shoots in AON is the most annoying thing EVER.


      Why are people going into that game mode and actually shooting?!


      Now I know there will be people saying "well they give me bullets, why shouldn't I use them?" BECAUSE YOU ARE PLAYING ALL OR NOTHING.. the only game mode designed for the knifer...


      I even had a few games today where the "Final Kill" was a muppet shooting the last 3 players?!

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          Who are you and people like you to try and tell people not to shoot their gun in AoN? I play that game mode once in awhile and I'll tell you one thing, I'm gonna shoot your a$$ especially when I here someone like your self whinning about it. Here, I've posted this a few times already today for people crying about being ban and I feel it's fitting for people like you as well. Enjoy.

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              don’t get me wrong mate, I’m not a, how did you put it.. a cry-baby.


              I was asking why people go into a game mode which is obviously designed for knifers,


              Just in case you missed the idea of this forum, it would be a place for people to go to talk about the different aspects of the game, and apart from the many "I just got my 1000th MOAB Clips" your comment/ attitude could be applied to all discussions here.


              but well done for getting your clip into another discussion

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                  A game mode for knifers huh. Then answer me this. WHY DO THEY GIVE YOU A GUN? If it was made for knifers, then you would have only A KNIFE. It's quite simple really and to question it is quite stupid. But hey, good try though.

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                      This game is obviously for knifing. people who shoot in AoN have no skill, yesterday i was on a 14 kill streak and it was ruined by a f@ggot with a rapid fire mod. I'm one of those guys who usually gets 19 before everyone and goes for crossmap killcams. If this game mode was for shooting, dont you think you would start off with bullets?people who camp in corners, shoot and go prone waiting for people to run by have no skill and should go play the regular Free For All. Also to mdm123456789 Shut the **** up and get a life you are probably one of those f@ggots who shoot in the game.

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                  if i have a gun, then of course im gonna use it... if its a game mode for knives, then why give me a gun.

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                    It's not like the chances of a bullet hitting you are even that high. With as much lag as their is in this game the chance of being hit by 1 single bullets are halved

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                      okey dokey so, I didnt think the general view was that it was ok to shoot in AON.


                      The "rules" which I was going by were :


                      1. Never shoot

                      2. If your on 19 kills, then for the last one try do something cool


                      Ah well, sure ill stick to my way of playing, dont win to often but love the game type

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                          And where are these "rules" you speak of? Post them up and I'll retract all I've said about people crying when they get shot. Until then, I look forward to seeing people like you in AoN, backing away from you when you're trying your "knife skills" so you I'm not gonna shoot you, and then BANG ! ! ! I'll put some bullets in ya and laugh when you start complaining about it.


                          Good Day Sir.

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                            Your last sentence there is probably the best peice of advice you can give yourself. Many times it has been said. Its your game, play it how you want, not how others want you to play. But of course, if you aren't playing it their way, its the wrong way. COD mentality at its best.

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                            I agree, I absolutely hate shooters in AoN, anyone can shoot and running along behind someone shooting, standing behind something, or in a corner somewhere like a complete f@g jumping around shooting at anything that moves is hardly skillful.

                            If people can't use the Tknife or don't like knifing they should f**k off and play something else.

                            Also what's really annoying is the f@gs that lay prone somewhere and knife your feet as you run pass, then run to a corner and start shooting (I've seen that quite a bit in games) and yes I know you should look, but in a game mode like that you don't expect people to do that.