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    New Community Playlist: MITD

      Last night, on October 1st, we added a new community created sabotage mode to the Community Playlists on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 & PC.


      The new modes are available to ALL players.


      Money in the Denk has the following rules and class settings:


      - 10 Minute Time Limit

      - Sabotage Rules (1 Bomb, 2 Bomb Sites)

      - 1-Minute Shared Bomb Timer

      - Bomb Carrier becomes Juggernaut

      - No Respawn Delay

      - 2.5 seconds Plant/Defuse time

      - 5 Pre-Made Classes (Assault, SMG, LMG, Sniper, Shotgun)

      - Same perks across classes (Sleight of Hand, Hardline, Steady Aim)

      - Specialist Point Streak on each Class (Scavenger, Quick Draw, Stalker)

      - Overtime contains sudden death rules




      Primary: M4A1 w/ Red Dot Sight [MIL-Dot]

      Secondary: Akimbo skorpion

      Equipment: Frags/Flash Grenade


      Primary: MP5 w/ Rapid Fire

      Secondary: MP412

      Equipment: Semtex/Flash Grenade


      Primary: PKP Pecheneg

      Secondary: M320GLM

      Equipment: C4/Flash Grenade



      Primary: L118A w/ Impact

      Secondary: Akimbo G18

      Equipment: Semtex/Flash Grenade


      Model 1887 w/ Range

      Secondary: MP9 w/ extended mags

      Equipment: Frag/Flash Grenades




      - Planting the bomb will forfeit the Juggernaut suit and return you to your original state.


      - Defusing the bomb will also allow you to secure a Juggernaut suit.


      - The timer is then shared between teams throughout the duration of the game.



      All feedback should be directed to twitter @InfinityWard @Teanah @Candyslexia.


      Special thanks to http://twitter.com/IamTheDenk for creating the original recipe for this game mode.