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    Why not remove image instead of removing the whole map.

      For those that haven't heard, Activision had Favela map removed from Modern Warfare 2 because there was an Arabic script that has Islamics in an uproar. And rightfully so. But why can't Activision just have IW remove the script in the bathroom, instead of wiping out the whole map completely?


      A lot of people are giving praise to Activision for doing the right thing after what a gamer discovered with his scope zoomed in to the script from his sniper rifle (that's how tiny it was). Which by the way took 3 years to discover. I applaud Activision for taking immediate action after the discovery. But why the whole map?


      How do you as an owner and and continued supporter of MW2 feel about this whole thing?


      Please don't turn this into a religion war.