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        510. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll

        I hope you make Bolt actions Snipers constant ohks. Powerful with no initial sway, however also limit sticky aim on them (similar to how it plays on black ops with it on Off). Obviously the same ads speed as in blops. No soh pro / qdraw ads speed. Also consider giving shotties and snipers a 4-hit kill machine pistol secondary.

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          511. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll

          Simple: It's a bad exploit for bad players who can't properly aim a sniper rifle. They abuse the living piss out of auto aim for the sake of getting OHK easily without effort. The so-called "learning curve" does NOT justify how OP and ridiculous it is. Those withing the community "minority" that think it's legitimate have their heads too far up their asses smelling the former victory of their overly-redundant montages. QS is also a breeding ground for aimbots and hacks, which I have seen before.


          Simply put, they are a pimple on the back of the CoD community, much in the same way hackers/cheaters/boosters are. They need to be stamped out, period.

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            512. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll

            Quickscoping has no place in either black ops or mw for that matter. Running around with a 30+lbs rifle like it's a bb gun makes me wonder. I followed up on quite many a games and closely watched some of thost qs's.10 shots and 9 kills-out of the 9 kills 8 shots clearly missed the target but still they get the kill and score up on it. I do agree with fallenshadow000-It's a bad exploit...It simply ruins the game and takes the fun out of any gameplay in which they are found. I'm sick of it and want it gone. Just today i was in a game where 4 of us was shooting at this qs and none of us hit him??? Yet he dropped all for of us within seconds with one shot kills...


            Anyway...I could rant on but to make a long story short-let it be gone...forever!!! MK

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              513. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll

              It's been there since day 1, has never bothered me an I'm sick of people moaning about it. If you want to play a game suited to slowpaced gunfights play bf3

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                514. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll

                Also try to play an entire match with a sniper an see how you get on. I'll bet it wont go well. If the devs listened to guys like you we'd all be running around with 74us. If guys are willing to put hours and hours into something is it really your place to complain when you a. Can't do it+b more than likely get more kills than them(unless you're shite). Variety, it's the spice of life.

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