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    Petition: Please remove S&D From Ground War


      I really dont know whats going on with infinity ward lately


      They have added S&D to Ground war??


      If your like me and have excellent internet connection you'l know

      that infinity ward punnished us all in favour of people with bad/cheap

      internet connetions thus giving them a huge advantage with the

      lagg compensation settings.


      Going through all the game modes, Ground war WAS the only mode

      that is remotely playable for me as it has up to 18 players and is fast

      paced so im able to pick off players that are 1 to 2 seconds infront of me

      (especially if playing an objective)


      S&D is a catious campy mode that nearly always ends in a 1v1

      there is no way in hell some one with similar connection to mine

      could win or maintain a + ratio.


      This basicly means from now on il be joining games

      and if its S&D il have no option but to dashboard.


      Surly this isnt what infinity ward want ?


      S&D is in the wrong place Please put it back

      Sign below if you agree (or say why the hell it should stay)