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    worst gun on mw3?



      im working my way through all the guns, to get them gold..

      ive got this to level 13 today and it is by far the most frustrating gun ive ever used!

      a full magazine at point blank range is what its taking me to get a kill unless they are using last stand,

      then it just depends on if i can reload in time before they insta kill me!


      also it only has 2 mags of 8 rounds..




      anyone got tips to use this gun? and whats your worst gun on this evolution of cod?

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          Re: worst gun on mw3?

          I got me a gold AA-12. Yes it is frustrating. Scavenger and extended mags are a must. I used it half in core half in hard core games. HC is the easiest way as you get more XP and it doesn't take a whole lot to kill. Range is terrible as you know. But atleast you don't need to ADS, (like any shotgun) with it so it makes and effective run and gun weapon. I notice alot of people who run and gun always try to ADS with their weapon before firing. This a fatal mistake when going up against it in CQB.


          I love the thing though I am currently working on other weapons, but I think its probably my favorite to use. People get so angry when you mow them down with it.


          I don't think there are any bad weapons, anyone can use any weapon effectively and master it if they put the time in to get to know how to use it properly.

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              Re: worst gun on mw3?

              I have had it gold a few times just because it is a sexy somebitch in gold.  I have had all gold guns for awhile now though so I havnt used it much lately.  Its far from the worst gun tho IMO.


              Like Gore said you have no choice but to run specialist so you can have scav and SOH at the same time.  Run SOH, Hardline, Steady aim with scav as your first spec. perk.  One kill and you got scav.


              Also range is better then damage with this one since you can spam pellets.  Damage doesnt really do much since it doesnt have OSK ability (rare) even with it. 


              Also never ADS with this gun.  The only shottys I ADS with is the Model (more of a qscope motion) and the KSG as it seems it adds some range and accuracy to it even though statistically that shouldnt be true.


              Run specialist and play modes like DOM.  I can imagine it being a difficult gun to use in TDM since you have to navigate yourself different to get to CQC situations.

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              Re: worst gun on mw3?

              Out of all the shotties I must say, the Models are the worst. The worst overall gun would have to be the FAD, it's just doesn't seem to kill people. I'd do more damage with a squirtgun

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                  Re: worst gun on mw3?

                  the model used to be my least favorite, but MITD has made that easier for me to work toward gold as everyone elses guns are limited also. I found that with the model its best not to aim, and to just hope for the best, i think its just total luck weather or not i score kills with it!

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                    Re: worst gun on mw3?

                    Have you had it to range yet G?  I am sure that you have but It turns the gun around and increases the consistancy. Once you get range, damage is even a smidge better.  Plus with Qdraw and steady aim you can really move fast.  Its my favorite by a mile and the most fun one I think.  It increases the fun factor when you kind of Qscope it instead of just hip firing.


                    The shotty I hated the most was the SPAS.  I cant tell you why I hated it because with range it is powerfull but just something about the gun I didnt like.  It sounds and looks wierd maybe thats why.  Haa..  If you havnt levelled the KSG it is beastly with range on it.  Id say its the most powerfull shotty in the game all around. 

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                        Re: worst gun on mw3?

                        lol, yeah the SPAS is terrible... it was real good on black ops tho,

                        guess i got no love for the shotties (other than USAS)

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                          Re: worst gun on mw3?

                          I'm a couple levels from getting Range on it. I haven't spent much time with it lately though because I'm so close to getting ever AR level 31 and completing all the challenges with it

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                              Re: worst gun on mw3?

                              Man this double weapon xp would be the time to get the shotties levelled.  The best place to level the KSG and Model is face off 2 v 2 or 3 v 3 because you dont have to worry about running into  a mess of enemies at once.  Plus the maps are all good for shotties except the one map.  I cant remember the name but its just a snipe fest.

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                          Re: worst gun on mw3?

                          The XM-25 is absolute trash.  If I was a noob and absolutely just couldn't aim a weapon I guess I'd consider it but seeing as it has such poor damage I just can't rationalize using it.


                          The Riot Shield is also pretty terrible until you get Speed or Melee unlocked on it.


                          The Model 1887 looks cool but until you get Damage on it it's just too damn slow on reload if you don't kill someone in 1 shot.


                          All the SMG's are pretty good for running around and getting kills with.  All of them take very well to rapid fire and silencer/extended mags.  The PM-9 is probably the most difficult to use of the bunch seeing as it has so much recoil, low damage, and eats through bullets so quickly.  However, I love running it with Scavenger Pro, Quickdraw Pro, and Steady Aim Pro, with endless bullets and the ability to fire from the hip it's actually not a bad gun.  You don't need to use Rapid Fire on the PM-9 because it's already capable of putting out a lot of bullets, and the range on it sucks so I don't think I'd use Silencer either.  I usually go with Melee and Extended Mags and try to get in plenty of close quarter situations, it's pretty hard to lose with a PM-9 if you're close enough.


                          As far as the best heavy gun in the game goes I'd have to say the L86 LSW + Silencer + Thermal Scope, hands down.  The Thermal makes the gun have almost no kick and you'll get a Pave Low almost every time you use it so long as you're on a decent team.  If you don't want to run Thermal the gun is still amazing with Iron sights. It probably has the best Iron Sight of any LMG in the game.  I like running Scavenger Pro, Hardline Pro, and Marksman Pro with Silencer + Extended Mags.  You start out with 3 clips of 150 bullets and you'll basically never run out of ammo.  Just don't try sprinting around like a chicken with your head cut off as you would with an SMG because the draw time is a little slow.  If you run Specialist and have Quickdraw as your first Perk that would take care of that though.


                          All the AR's are good. I feel like the M4A1 doesn't get near the credit it deserves. I run it with Silencer + Extended Mags and get 2-3 Escort Airdrops a game and usually go something like 35-15 just running around all over the place with it.  Of course that's running Hardline Pro and throwing plenty of grenades while I'm at it so I can get some extra Assists to Count as Kills. 

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