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    PS3 Clan start up Black ops

      Lookin to start up a casual clan of atleast pretty good gamers. To Compete and win in any and everything we play in. I hate settin down rules. Ive been in alot of clans and they overdo the rules and they seem to aim people in the wrong direction, so..

      No f*ckin need for signing up on clan website and posting ****, no need to check a huge checklist of **** you gotta have, no need to let me know about yourself or pass a fuckin initiation period. No.

      I just want some people that actually want to game. people that Want to jump on regularly multiple times a week and hang/practice play/win, nothing else.

      mics prefered,

      over 1 k/d prefered,

      over 16 years old prefered.

      but not limited to

      keywords here are casual and game.

      not lookin for anything over the top, you want a clan like that look elsewhere, dont even think about joining if you have to think about joining, i dont want any maybes ill play sometimes, or join then ***** out, its not that big of a deal, we add each other, we play/talk/practice, we get better, we win, end of story, sounds simple enough right?

      if it sounds like somethin your lookin for or interested in, reply here

      or write me on the psn: BallisticB-- which wil not be the account ill be using in the clan