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      stop complaining and telling them to fix this problem NOW!! .... and to you who posted about "suing them" hahaha good luck with this one a lawyer would laugh in your face.... do you guys know how long it takes to go through thousands of lines of coding to find one little mistake????? as a programmer i know how long this takes... you guys can not expect immediate results for them to fix the issues... grow up and learn to be patient you act like this is the first time that this has ever happened in a video game... the problems will be resolved.... and to the ones who call them retards and dumb... HA ... thats why you work a 9-5 and dont work for a company as successful as infinity ward... i would like to see all you people who call them dumb create a game like this.....  go back to your mcdonalds job
          They have been making the game for two years. It has a short campaign, uses the same engine as CoD4 and doesn't have too much new, yet they still managed to fail on launch. We have a reason to complain about it.
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            It does not use the same engine. It uses the IW 4.0 Engine which is far better than the one used in COD4. Also they may have had 2 years to work on this but you cant know whats going to go wrong with the servers until it goes wrong. This happens with every big game that launches. Grow up.
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              I agree with you that the game is very complex etc., but I think the big problem here is lack of communication from IW. A few brief lines explaining what's going on along with a rough guide to when it's going to be fixed would go a long way in calming down the hundreds of thousands of people who have bought their game. In basic customer service: under promise and over deliver, instead of over promise and under deliver, it always works.
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                thats why i say beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
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                  I think you're pretty far off base here.  It is not too much to expect to have a patch that fixes the issues at hand.  Especially since there was no need to rush a patch out to get trophies to work, although some were concerned about the lack of trophies I don't think there was a need to get this patch out 2 days after release of the game.  Now no one can play multiplayer.  And the SP is only 5 hours, at best.

                  Furthermore, all of us paid at least $60 to own this game, and a large sum of us (self included) were at game stops until midnight to get it right away. 

                  They also put salt into the wound by releasing a patch that didn't even fix the largest issue at hand (which is not being able to play with friends).  Feels like we're regressing here. 

                  IW really has dropped the ball here.  First with PC gamers, now with PS3 gamers.  And to make matters worse, not one peep from the folks over at IW to at the very least let us know that they are working on fixing it and when we can expect our brand new "Game of the Year" to work online.

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                    Why are there people still commenting on a 3 year old post? You **** or something?