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    Yesss!!!, MW3 Has Latency Matchmaking, A Fantastic Game!!!!

      Watching the video at the link below shows a lot of MW3 and the one thing that I needed the most out of the game to get the best experience. And that is the latency matchmaking system that was in MW2.

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      It is the Finding Games > 50ms-150ms ping. I am guessing in MW3 they kept the counter limit at 150ms ping, but if they made it up up to 200ms than that might be an improvement. This system is like 50x better than WAW, COD4, and 100x better than the system in Black Ops. For all the people who are worried about the matchmaking in MW3 being as crappy as the one in Black Ops well you don't have to anymore. MW3 will be a smooth experience, and I can't wait to buy it.