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    What's the LEAGUE section on BO2?

      I read someone stating there is a LEAGUE section or LEAGUE menu on BO2. Can't find the thread or comment but what's the LEAGUE section all about? Is for clans?



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            Rrom what i know League play is covered governed by e-sports

            As you play it ranks how good you are and then only puts you into games against people who on@y have a chance of beating you

            The better you play the higher you are

            Punishment for rage quitting a game is you get moved back down

            here's the statement


            With the Gamescom game convention under way in Germany this week,  the folks at Treyarch have revealed League Play, a new matchmaking system for "Black Ops 2" multiplayer that makes sure gamers are competing against players at about their own skill level.


            Game design director David Vonderhaar told the Activision blog One of Swords that, in League Play, players will be placed in a division based on how well they do in several test matches. The divisions will be made up of a few hundred or maybe a thousand other players and as you compete you will work their way up (or perhaps down) the ladder. 


            The developers at Treyarch believe creating a league system based on players' skill levels is a good way to let everyone enjoy the competitive aspect of "Black Ops 2" multiplayer gaming. 

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              Re: What's the LEAGUE section on BO2?

              Its competitive play where you are placed in a league where you move up and down based of winning or losing. Generally, you will play with and against players of a similar ability, at least after the leagues have "settled down."


              Theres two types, 6v6 and 4v4. A lot of the details are still being witheld by Treyarch, partly probably because they keep changing and partly a business decision.

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