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    ps3 clan recruiting HARDCORE players over 1.4 kdr

      Tired of playing matches with a guy on your team who goes 3-17? Do you mostly play solo and are sick of no one having your back and idiots who don't play to win? We are a relaxed but competitive group that is made up of guys like you who are tired of playing with ppl that suck. We have runners, snipers, and players who can do both, so ANY style of play is welcome.



      As a HARDCORE clan, we primarily play HC TDM


      BO2 Clan info

      KDR: 1.5

      SPM: 180+

      level: 1

      members: 35+

      REQUIREMENTS: must be 18+ and HC kdr 1.4+ **


      WE ENLIST IN CLAN OPS, but it is not required (we are very fast growing)


      msg CoB_Easy (PSN) if you are interested

            or apply via this link here -> Circle of Bosses



      ** we ONLY recruit softCORE players with 2.0+ kdr - NO EXCEPTIONS!!


      If you want to join the clan please apply via the above link and DO NOT reply to this post with credentials, questions, or asking if you can join. all such posts will be ignored


      every applicant's kdr, SPM, recent matches, and any videos you have will be reviewed before a decision is made