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    GH: Revolution; Community project

         Who knows what Guitar Hero fans want? The Guitar Hero fans themselves! That's why I'm starting this. We're designing a Guitar Hero game. Keep your pants on, not an actual game, just the outline for one. We'll cover as many aspects as we can, from the setlist to the loading screens. Everyone in the community can contribute ideas, though it does not nescessarily mean your idea we'll end up in the game. If it does, however, you get your name added to the contributers list. Anyways, here's the things we're currently working on:







      Here are the rules:

      -Use proper grammar when requesting things

      -Don't request unrealistic things for the game; e.x: "ya shood totally poot skrilleex in teh game assa caracter anda songs lol"

      -If you would like to help organize the thread, let me know.


      Well, that's what I got so far. If you have any suggestions, leave me a reply or two.