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    PS3: Tracking "Servers Unavailable" [Another focused thread.] Update 2: See OP

      This one comes straight from Vahn via twitter.


      "If you see "Game Servers Unavailable" I need to know the following: MP or ZM. Platform. Language/Region. Because we are up and running."


      Lets keep this one focused and basic also.


      Use numbered bullets.


      1. Zombies or Multiplayer
      2. Region / Language


      State or Province is fine.


      All updates below this point.

      These are in reverse chronological order.


      Update 2


      Vahn wrote:


      Fast update.


      We are chasing an issue with Sony right now. It's not just Black Ops 2 users who get dropped, we are seeing it across all PSN titles that Activision supports.


      At one point, we dropped 100,000 users. I was one of them.


      I'm not saying it's not happening to you. I'm sure it's happening to you. My point is that we are not down.


      367,210 people are online right now (PS3 MP).


      For those who still can't connect on PS3, you are not forgotten. I'd like you to be part of the people making that number go up.




      Update 1


      Vahn wrote:


      "Game Servers are Unavailable."


      You'll get this message if you can't connect to us. Over the last 24 hours, we've had (2) different issues with the login / authentication servers.


      Both are resolved.


      In some cases, if you see this message, it doesn't mean the servers are down. It means you can't connect to us. Check your Friends list, or Recent Players. If people are playing, but you are not, it's been 1 of 2 things (so far):


      1. Connection issue between you and us. Often temporary.

      2. A problem with the login/authentication servers.


      I frequently look at this URL, which gives me a basic snap shot of the state of the Internet. Although clearly this doesn't represent your local ISP, it does a reasonable at perdicting backbone trouble.




      As of 11/14/2012 at 10:51AM PST we are up and running. I've just logged several games. If you can't connect, it's not because we are are offline.



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