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    MW3 Servers

      Are MW3 server down on the wii or is it just not letting me play online?

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          Just you

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            It happens sometimes.  Either restarting the wii or just waiting 30 minutes or so usually fixes the issue. 

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                The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Server is not available this time. Please try again later or visit http://CallOfDuty/mw3/status for updates.......


                I cant play multiplayer at the last 3-4 days.....I have this game for 1 year or maybe more and I had been playing normaly multiplayer but now every time I try to play this message appears to me.... My Wi-Fi  has not a problem or something else because I can play Spec Ops Survival or missions  but not chaos mode (because I haven't bought it) with other players and that means that I play ONLINE.....But why I cant play ONLINE at multiplayer by the time I CAN play online at spec ops? All my other friends can play multiplayer and that means that it wasn't a mistake of tha game that somebody fixed......I am not banned because no one and never had reported me because I don't hack but I cant play!Why?