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    League play issue

      League play is ridiculous at this point. If you leave even one game you are put on probation. And this is a terrible idea, since the playlist allready has so few players it takes a long time to find a match. So even if your team is down by 4 players and you are getting overwhelmed no matter what you try, and decide to leave you are punished even if you left through the quit menu.


      Not even Halo: Reach's probation was this bad ever. This is just a complete joke now and a big disappointment about League play. pretty much there is no reason to ever play again because of this. So yeah bad decision on how ever decided to make it give you probation for leaving just once. It is absoultely stupid to think a team of 3 can compete against a full team and in league play it does not refill empty slots on the team. another bad idea. For once one team is down on players the other team is going to win no matter what is done at that point.


      So yeah, a big screw up on who ever decided the rules for league play and the probation system and coming from someone like me who normally does not complain too much about things that is saying a lot.

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          Re: League play issue

          It has been over 30 minutes since I was put on probation for 5 minutes and yet the timer never reset. It still says I have 5 minutes to wait. This should not be so. 5 minutes is 5 minutes, not 5 minutes of leaving the probation warning screen up. This is beyond stupid now.


          Yeah the league play is a joke and no wonder it has such low numbers playing compared to any other playlist in the game. Even the HC playlists have more players in them on average than the league playlists do.


          I am really disapointed at this point about this feature in the game. It could have been better but with how it is now it is just a legit form of boosting for the team that has the most players if the other team looses players. You either stay and get steamrolled which is not competitive or fun by any means, or leave and get put on probation.

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              Re: League play issue

              No, it was a good idea. I want everyone like you who wants to leave to be disinterested in league play. If you dont' have the 4 minutes to finish out a losing game than you must really have something to do.

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                  Re: League play issue

                  Not is is not a good idea, and anyone that thinks so is just foolish and think they deserve the right to kill farm other players and that is not so. No one should be forced to stay in a game when they only have 2-3 players against a full team just so that full team can kill farm and gain an easy win. That is not fun, that is not competitive. And league play was susposed to balanced and competitive and fun for those that tried to play within it. I hope you get on the other side for several games and have it happen to you just so you can see just how un-fun or competitive it is. It is joke the way it is now.


                  It is not the point about loosing that is the problem it is the fact it does not refil the team, so one team gets screwed. It is the fact that it is nothing more than legit kill farming for the team that has more players on it. There is nothing competitive or fun about that at all for those on the other side of that. It is fundamentally imbalanced when that happens and the game should just end at that point.


                  No team deserves the right to kill farm just because the other team has half of its players leave. No person should be forced to go through that and have to accept it or be punished. If you think they should you are just a greedy little prick that thinks you deserve the free kills when you do not.

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                      Re: League play issue

                      Here's the thing.

                      • When you strted the match you had a whole team.
                      • some jerks left the match and are currently serving out their probation time.
                      • You are stuck in an unfair match but you play it out to avoid the probation
                      • the people who left early (hopefully) decide not to come back
                      • Those of us who do want to play start seeing less people who drop out


                      I hope you do decide it's too much hassle and don't come back. It sucks being on a short handed team, but listening to people like you whine about how unfair it is that you're not as good as the rst of us you should be allowed to hop matches until you find complete nubs to dominate.


                      best of luck in the pub matches, no need to come back tp league.

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