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    Lost web code cards?

      We have lost some of the web code cards for some characters and we enjoy playing on the ipod skylanders cloud patrol, but don't want to spend any money to buy gems when we have the characters. There are directions that say to use the portal and go to settings and you'll find the code. The only code that appears doesn't work. What next? As for plugging our portal into the computer, not gonna happen. We have the Wii version and either we lost the USB (never knew there was one inside) or our portal didn't even come with a USB to begin with.

      Any advice? Every where else we have looked for answers doesn't help.

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          Do you have a friend nearby whom you could borrow their Portal?  Or have an extra Portal knocking around from purchasing a Giants Starter pack?  The only way right now to get the lost Webcode off the figure is to register them on the webgame Skylanders Universe and for that you will need a Portal for that

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            Are you sure that your portal didn't come with a usb? It is inside the portal, is stuck right beside the bateries.


            The code thar appear on the game is to upgrade the skylanders  at the online version "Skylanders Universe" that's why there are only 9 digits