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    The Unofficial Reporting Glitches/Bugs, and Other Technical Issues Thread. Found a technical problem? Post it here!

      First things first, I'm just a regular gamer like everyone else here. I've been a CoD Wii vet playing with the wiimote, and I've owned WaW, MWR, BO, and MW3, and this game The point of  thread is to invite everyone who has experienced glitches, bugs, and other issues (such as controller issues) on this thread, and want these issues to be addressed and solved.  I made this thread because, if we can get all the real issues identified and reported here(and confirmed by several people) alll in one thread, I could then tally it all up, and update the original post from time to time in a list, and then Treyarch can react , review, and respond to several issues at once at the same time, if they chose to.




      To Treyarch devs: There might be some complaints I don't have on my list(see below). Please read all the replies for the ones I may have missed if possible! Thanks.


      Here are some technical issues BO2 Wii users from this forum and gamefaqs, have reported, as of 12/12/2012:


      1. Wii cursor sensitivity, cursor speed, turrent sensitivity options, pointer aiming styles for turrent wiimote controls, are missing: This feature was available in Cod wii games, but is not present in this game for unknown reasons reason. Even when replicating control settings from MW3 Wii and past Cod Wii games, I and other Cod Wii vets have noticed a feeling of sluggishness, some cursor drag and lack of overal smoothiness, due to the lack of  cursor sensitivity settings(or its very low on the Wii U version and can't be changed), which was present in previous cod wii games. However, In addition, implementing turrent sensitivty options to this game, may actually make controlling kill streaks easier. See #2 below.


      2.  Issues with controlling score streaks: Scorestreaks such as Dragonfire and Lodestar, feels sluggish and very difficult to control: One suggestion is to have nunchuck controls to control a lodestar. Also, wiimote users can't plot points(such as on scorestreaks like  lightening strike) via IR aiming, which previous COD wii games did support. In addition, some sentry gun and guardian score streaks cannot be picked up, once it's place, for some control setups(such as Echo). Lack of turrent sensitivity in this game, may have resulted in sluggish controls.


      3. Button layout conflict complaints in regards to accidentally picking up a weapon or vaulting over a building, while scoping in with the sniper rifle, or calling in a kill streak: An extra weapon pick up button is suggested, such as hold jump button. Or let the c button be customizable like MW3 Wii.


      4.Aim assist: A review on toggling the aim assist feature for  dual analog and wiimote controls.


      5 Headset issues: Some users request having the option to hear in game audio and voice chat in the headset more efficiently, and without sacrificing the gamepad, if using wiimote settings.  Also, we hope that Nintendo gives the greenlight to allow usb headsets(PDP headbanger headset for instance), we can have it patched by Treyarch.


      6. Limited and confusing access of the home menu: Currently, you can only access the home menu if you are on the main menu(and campaign also). However, you can't access the home menu if you are on the zombies or multiplayer menu, and are  forced to select "campaign," which actually doesn't go to the campaign menu, but goes back to the start screen, which then leads to the main menu. One suggestion to fix thsi issue, is to allow the use of the Home button in the zombie and multiplayer menu(before signing online of course), with the option to select campaign, to go direclty to campaign mode, instead of the title screen.


      7. Making the message friends menu in online multiplayer, more easily accessibe: In Bo1, it was very easy and convenient to message friends, and we could even message friends in the middle of a game. But for some reason, this was not the case for MW3 Wii and this game. In this game specifically,we have to press z, and then scroll all the way to the right and last menu. This isn't very intuitive, and quite time consuming and hardly gives us the time to message friends between messages while we are in a lobby. Some proposals from the community is to be able to message friends individually just by clicking on their player cards and online friends list. Also, another idea is also to implement one button on the gamepad(regardless of control setup) to access the message friends menu.


      8. Suggestion of an extra customization control option for gamepad and pro controller: Customization that allows the left control stick and bumper button to emulate wimote nunchuck movements(ADS being ZL, and crouch being left bumper).


      9. Request to add Blue colored  party friends on mini map in online multiplayer matches: When partied up with friends, friend's names will be highlighted in a lobby, but unlike the 360/PS3 versions, when a match starts, friends do not have a distinguishable blue arrow color in the mini map that seperates them from non partied friends/randoms.


      10. Scoreboard of two teams in online multiplayer constantly flipping positions, is disorienting  for many players, when checking the score.. Suggestion of making the scoreboard to be static like previous games.


      11. Cursor becomes really jittery and skips occassionally, if player is using wiimote controls and is host. This has been confirmed in online multiplayer, as well as local.


      12. Glitch with FAL while using Hybrid scope: When using the acog portion to scope in, you sometimes loses the acog zoom.This has not been tested with other weapons with hybrid scope, but its probable that other weapons are affected.


      13. The multiplayer map, Turbine, is missing in local multiplayer.

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