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    The Commandaments Of CoDHQ...

      ****Thou Shalt Not Keep The CoC Laid Upon Thee by Commandante (iif0xh0undii)

      ****Thou Shalt Not Instigate a Civil War Between the Xbox Union, PC Union, and the PS3 Confederacy..( doing so will result in denial of access to Dedicated Servers)

      ****Thou Shalt Not Double Post Without offering a Fluffy Kitteh to EviL (for his choice of pleasure)

      ****Thou Shalt Not Challenge Maccabi's Knowledge of the Interwebz

      ****Thou Shalt Not Try to out Emoticon ranKismet (doing so will resort in him unleashing his army)

      ****Thou Shalt Not Be a nO_oB and enter Castle Territory (doing so will incite a war)

      ****Thou Shalt Not walk on Snake's Lawn ( he alone knows the meaning and power of GRaS..grass...and GrAsS.... STAY OFF DAMN LAWN)

      ****Thou Shalt Not Proposition Jinx's Sister (no matter how drunk you are... She is Reaper's Love toy and she is under quarantine by the CDC)

      ****Thou Shalt Not Ask About A Patch for CoD (Unless... You Understand...That a frog's butt is water tight)

      ****Thou Shalt Not Be Engaged in nO_oB Activity..(even in the Wii Slums, or Zombie Transition Homes)

      ****Thou Shalt Not Speak of Weaponry or Artillery...You CANNOT challenge thebigB's Authoritah on the subject

      ****Thou Shalt Not Pass... At least that is what Gandalf said.



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        ***Thou shalt not make an "I'm back thread"*** Thou shalt not make an "I'm gone thread" Failure is not an option it's descent to be.











      Room will be made for Amendments.