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        70. Re: Black Ops 2 Crashes at Boat Scene (using Nvidia 570)

        OK, looks like it could be a while before Activision or Nvidia actually fix this, so i tried underclocking my GTX570 down to 700 mhz and its been playing OK all night. Got past the boat scene fine, and played for an hour or so after that in SP all OK.


        Played multiplayer for a couple of hours too and didn't have any crashes there either. So appears to have fixed it for me.


        Still not happy about having to underclock my card though, and I'm a bit confused as to why they think its all down to Nvidia to fix (that's what the twitter feed from PCDev seems to imply)? I don't have this issue with any of my other games, which makes me think that this issue at least partly related to the game code. Would be nice to get an official reponse from them on the forums one way or another.


        Here's hoping for a proper fix soon.

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          71. Re: Black Ops 2 Crashes at Boat Scene (using Nvidia 570)

          I'm getting 200-300 FPS when i got all settings on the lowest + running the game in windowed mode with a messed up resolution. The game still crashes tho!



          I just registered to comment on this topic, because i do ALSO have this shitty problem!



          What worked for me to get passed the boat scene was to lower graphics to an awefull level (lowest) and running the game in windowed mode with a tiny resolution (high enough so that i could still complete the mission!) AND underclocking my GTX580 card ! (i got 200 FPS or more out of the card)

          Then after finishing the mission i put everything back to high and my GTX 580 kept underclocked.


          I made it (with random crashes tho) to the mission where i am to rope op on a building... then BAM the game crashed with green artifacts on the screen. Some times i was able to tap out of the game, saving the computer from rebooting, but most of the time i was forced to shut the computer down by pressing the reset/restart button.

          I've tried everything now, and i CAN'T get passed this crappy place. Everytime i press the mousewheel or G the game crashes.


          Anyone got a fix for this?



          I've started to believe that the problem is with the grapichs drivers from GeForce!
          I also just bought Assassins Creed 3 because i couldn't continue with COD BO2 and you know what?
          The game crashes randomly with the same green artifacts appering on the screen!!!!!

          I've updatet every driver on my computer, and i mean every driver, even the ones for the mouse!


          There is some major issues with the GTX 500 series and these new games out now! :-(


          i've made a thread on the GeForce forums hoping to get some help!

          https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/524222/geforce-500-400-series/gtx-580-d river-stoppes-working-crashes-in-all-recently-released-games-assassin-39-s-creed -3-cod/

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            73. Re: Black Ops 2 Crashes at Boat Scene (using Nvidia 570)

            I heard that NVIDIA is having some issues with the 500 series Graphics cards. I tried the below steps and it fixed my issue.


            Go to the NVIDIA Control Panel by right clicking on your desk top and clicking on "NVIDIA Control Panel".

            1.     In the default screen that pops up (it should be "manage 3D settings", and the "Program Settings" tab should be automatically selected), under "1. Select a program to customize:" hit the "Add" button.

            2.     From here, navigate to the folder where your steam games are located. For me, it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common.

            3.     Select the folder for the game you want to use your NVIDIA card for, and find the .exe for that game (it's usually right in the main game folder). Select it and hit open.

            4.     Then, under "2. Select the preferred graphics processor for this program:" open the drop-down menu and select "High-performance NVIDIA processor".

            5.     Finally, hit apply in the far bottom right corner, and you should be good to go!


            Let me know if this works for any of you.

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              74. Re: Black Ops 2 Crashes at Boat Scene (using Nvidia 570)

              This might help for some of you, I have a GTX 295 that got me into some problems. I solved some of it by Setting "Multi GPU configuration" to Disable Multi-GPU mode. In the Configure Multi GPU, surround, PhysX TAB. in the NVIDIA Control panel.


              Best of luck!

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                75. Re: Black Ops 2 Crashes at Boat Scene (using Nvidia 570)

                Hi Markus3400, i was getting very similar crashes, with the funny dollar signs (always at the boat scene for me on 2nd level for me).


                Underclocking my GFX card to 700mhz has fixed it for me.

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                  76. Re: Black Ops 2 Crashes at Boat Scene (using Nvidia 570)

                  So I got a new GTX 680 today and dropped it into my rig. Played a round just to test it out and eveything was fine. So I pulled the card out and installed the backplate for it and moved my 580 out of the 1st PCIe slot and installed the 680 there. Now I cant hear any guns in the game. I can hear cars and the music but no gun fire. any Ideas?

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                    77. Re: Black Ops 2 Crashes at Boat Scene (using Nvidia 570)

                    I am still having this issue, Activision either needs to fix it or start handing out refunds, $80 for a game you can't play is a joke.

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                      78. Re: Black Ops 2 Crashes at Boat Scene (using Nvidia 570)

                      I'm having the same problem with a GT 555M

                      Crash after the boat scene (when leaving the log cover in the jungle)


                      i tried DaBizNess   nvidia controle panel without success.

                      does anyone know how to underclock the GT 555M card?


                      I also agree that we should get refunded if this isn't solved really soon.

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                        79. Re: Black Ops 2 Crashes at Boat Scene (using Nvidia 570)

                        gtx570 work guaranteed

                        set physx configuration - cpu

                        ajust image settings with preview-Performance

                        multi-display/mixed-gpu acceleration -Compatibility performance mode

                        Last Edited: Dec 16, 2012 11:43 AM
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