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    Being "good"

      I would consider my self an above average CoD player. I have KD's that are above 2 in both Black Ops 1 and MW3, but in this game stuggle to maintain a KD above 1.3. I find that those people who are performing with what are considered good scores with semi-rare exceptions are doing one of 3 things; using a shotgun, sitting in their spawn hardscoping, or sitting in their spawn with a target finder. Is this really how Treyarch wants us to play? I want to be ableto rush with an AR or SMG and be able to do good. This would rewuire a few things, good spawns, good hit detection and some actual f***ing footstep noise. Please Treyarch, don't cater to those who lack the skil to perform well without help, give us back what CoD used to be.