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    After The Tower Achievement

      When I completed the tower of babble achievement as I placed the last turbine down under the lamp and the achievement popped up on the screen, maxis continued to talk to me.  It sounded as though he thanked me but then continued to say now that the spire (meaning tower) has been activated I need to assemble some kind of system. Now I already have the oblisk table and card reader assembled so what was he asking of me? It was hard to understand what he was saying because of the background noise but I did utube all of maxis quotes to see if I could hear it again but no luck there can anyone help on what he might have said or what to do next?

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          If, what you say is right. The quote you are talking about is the one where he would say "You must complete the Tricosomis Device!!! If that is what you heard, then you are on to what is the Next step after the Tower of Babble!!!! This could be interesting if it is indeed true.

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            That is exactly what he said, Something about three sides so tricosomos  is correct. What is that?

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              Yeah mate. This is the audio that we have NOT heard yet!!! So, if you continue to leave the 2 turbines under the pylon, and two at the lamps the Maxis continues to speak to you? If that is the case, then he is giving you another step to do, and that would mean the progression of the EE!!!!!!

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                Not really sure what it is, but people are talking of a pyramid somewhere on the map. If you can go into a game and place turbines down without power, then maybe he will say it again! If so, then you have to wait till he speaks, then tear the whole map apart looking for something new! Best advice I can give I'm afraid.

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                  He said the device you speak of and then talk to me again later about trying to assemble the the sides of that device do you have xbox, my gamer tag is xDURNSYx if you look at my recent games it should be my most recent game. You should be able to hear what he says to me if you go in theater mode. Let me know?

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                    Will friend request you now then mate!

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                      Yes when that game was almost over someone else had entered the game and was messing us up so we quit, but I will check it out again tonight

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                        Did you continue to leave the turbines where they were after the Achievement?

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                          Maybe i've been kinda keeping info to myself....

                          Is this the quote you heard?


                          'You have done well, but we need yet more energy, this is but the tip of what needs 3 sides, now create the trichotomous system'


                          The "Tip" and 3 sides definately sounds like a pyramid reference. The Trichotomous system means a system made up of 3 parts. It could mean 3 physical parts like the buildable turbine, turret and electric trap... or it could mean 3 tasks or 3 locations. I mean they're called 'Treyarch' so they love 3's!


                          This next quote also sounds like 3 things that must be done which he could say between building the Trichotomous system...


                          'Excellent you have activated the two obtuse vertices of the scalene? Quickly, complete the tertiary node'


                          Now a 'Scalene' Triangle is a triangle with 3 different angles, vertices are the points where 2 lines meet, or in a triangles case... the corners. Problem is he says TWO obtuse vertices which would imply the shape isn't a triangle, as a triangle can only have a maximum of 1 obtuse angle.

                          Obtuse being an angle greater than 90degrees and less than 180degrees. But then it could be a scalene trapezium with 4 vertices, i mean their are 4 players.

                          As for the Node, a node is generally either a terminal, a computer or a connecting point.

                          Tertiary comes after the Primary and Secondary so could also mean the '3RD'


                          Considering all the above, it sounds like it would be 3 locations where they formed a scalene triangle, and you had to power/'activate' 2 of the locations and then he would say the quote ofcourse.

                          I'm currently drawing up an accurate map so i can see object's relative positions.


                          People have been saying they've seen some pyramid somewhere but i know the whole map extremely well and have been everywhere in theatre mode for hours, and i can't find what they claim.


                          They're is a structure opposite the power station stop, where the railway runs through but it is blocked off each side by the trains. I'll put up screenshots and stuff later. but it doesn't look anything like a pyramid, and doesn't look like you can EVER get there, due to standard map building, with texturing, object placement etc.

                          AND this isn't where people have been saying they've seen this 'pyramid' structure anyway.

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