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    Odd Parts Found in Tranzit

      Ok so far I've found out where 3 of the 4 parts for the Jet Gun can sometimes be found.

           -The big black cannon: usually found in the tunnel.

           -The Wire: sometimes found in the power lab area. (I have no clue where else it can be found)

           -The front piece (don't know how else to describe it): usually found in the shack next to Bowie knife.


      Does anyone know where the last piece can be found? and also the other possible places for the pieces I already mentioned. that would be extremely helpful.

           Another thing thats really confused me is sometimes in the tunnel I've found a wooden plank. What does that go to? I'm gonna go ahead and list the rest of the confusing parts to make it easier.

           -The parts laying around in Nacht der toten - Where are they supposed to go?

           -The Electric box found near the trash bin in town, or next to the refrigerator in Farm. - This part hasn't fit on any tables Ive tried to build it onto.

           -The previously mentioned mysterious wooden plank. what is this for?


      someone PLEASE enlighten me, I feel so . . . . uninformed.