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    Call me when this game is complete


      This is a sad day for me. Ive been playing FPS like the original Doom, then on to Golden eye, Counter strike and fell in love with the Rainbox 6 series and Halo, on to Far Cry  back to rainbow... then the CODs came along. I truly loved the sense of feeling you had playing in the rainbow 6 games where if you died you sat in the lobby, which is probably why I kind of like SnD in CoD.  I truly loved the Far cry Map editors which makes minecraft seem meaningless when you love to shoot. it was hard to pull me away from Far Cry but the game physics of COD  coupled with the way it used to play with very little lag, open maps, simple killstreaks made playing with a team fun.  Still I missed the days of rainbow and far cry where we would fill a room of 16 people of all friends, and not care about K/Ds and getting bored with tiny maps.   I spent thousands of hours creating maps for my friends, we had vehicles, a blast every night.


      I feel this series took a horrible turn with the first Black ops. Imediately you could tell that everything was meant for close quarter combat so people could make their montages and promote the game shamelessly.  Kill streaks were no longer simple and lag became horrible because every fight was within 20 meters.  MW3 attempted to do the same with even smaller maps and probelms with spawning and lag became worse. Death streaks, quickscoping, host lag comp and too many different game modes were just watering out the population.  The Elite service that was supposed to revolutionize the way we tracked stats and promoted competitive gaming was a complete debacle.  


      I still say that WAW was the best COD ever with COD4 a close second, and it seems most people say the same thing. The reason is simple. he majority of maps were large and allowed different styles of gameplay-sniping, assault-mid range, close quarter if you took specific routes.  The maps looked real, they made sense. The kill streaks were simple to understand. 3 5 7 kills BAM BAM BAM it was like you knew in the back of your head what you had to do to get the next streak.  


      BOPS2 has none of the things in it that made this franchise successful.   The maps mostly tiny, or cluttered so heavily that they seem tiny because every fight is within 20 yards, which also means the lag seems so much worse than it might actually be, who knows. The spawns are horrible. Hosting is impossible. I need a frickin calculator on my knee to figure out what I need to do to get a score streak, so I basically go through the match just having no idea of when its coming. The game just feels sloppy. 


      Ive been an active member of these forums for years and Ive never seen so many complaints, nor so many ignored. This game just came out and there hasnt been a community update since the 21st of November?   Once again Beachhead is a joke. I cant even take it after last year.  Apparently Far Cry 3 is the king of the hill again based on ratings, so I guess Im going there until 3arch wakes up.   It just makes me sad that this was my favorite franchise, and its lost its roots.

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          Don't hold your breath. They have made their money, they don't care anymore.

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            Yeah I kind of agree with you this game has been a disaster ! What I mean by that is the game at launch was terrible the lag made it basically unplayable but it has improved but its still there .

               Then there's Treyarch denying that its even a problem ! Come on thousands of people can't be wrong ! To be honest I think they have taken this E-sports to far ! I don't want every game to be a sweaty battle ! If I want too compete then I will go and play league play ! Why they put skill based match making in pub matches is beyond me ! Plus I think its affecting lag as your not getting matched with the BEST CONNECTION

                 Then there's the 10th glitchers that have ruined the game and when I say ruined I mean ruined ! I don't care about their stupid little emblem but when it stops me from using Theatre and saving/rendering clips that I want then YES IT HAS RUINED MY !! EXPERIENCE !!

               This game could be great as on paper it's defenety a winner but the way it's being implemented its going down the tubes ! But I'm still holding out hope that they will fix it !! Spawns,Maps,lag,hit detection, sound whoring, match making .... Just some of the problems they NEED to address

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                I myself do not see a fix for small cluttered maps, and no doubt they are currently working on Cash of Duty Barrack OPS 3 as we speak.  Barrack Ops 3 will no longer be maps, rather 12 people all start in the Octagon and respawn over and over until the first team reaches 7500 points. The lag will be like no other.

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                Completely agree. I loved World at War and I am not even a big WW2 fan. Thought MW2 was good as well but all been downhill since then. Like you say, the maps have gotton so small its untrue. The map on the boat/yacht (can't remember name off hand) just ends up in one big turkey shoot. For me two things have destroyed this game. The lag makes most games unplayable. Am struggling to keep a 1.10 K:D ratio. I can be sat behind cover aiming down sights at a door way or corner and someone will run round corner, aim, shoot and destroy me before I even get a shot off. Don't care what anyone says, this aint right. Second thing is quickscoping. Its nothing more than an exploited glitch. Sniper rifles are meant for CQB and massivly out-power everyone other weapon. Have heard great things about Rainbow Six Patriots out next year. Hope they restore my faith in first person shooters. Which is sad to say because I used to love Call of Duty.

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                  I admit that they game has fine points that bring this one way above some of the other games.


                  As for lag issues, well nothing is new. 4 or 5 years of the same thing , you of course would expect the same.


                  But something about some of the maps do make this game weaker than Blops 1. But overall I still feel this one is the best in overall. With Blops1 in a close second.


                  Too bad I came into the picture with WaW one month before MW2 came out. WaW took some getting used to but it definitely shined like gold to make me love the series. Great first impression I guess is what I am trying to say. I yhink if I had more time to play WaW I would feel it was the best overall..

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                    Have you ever thought of making a new account and purposely ruin its stats? I now have a low KD account and I don't notice any lag on it. I notice a lot of lag on my main account though. I'm enjoying it more than my main account. I know it's weird but give it a try before you put down this game for good.