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    Anone noticing a pattern in Season Passes ?

      MW3 "season pass" (Elite Premium) Had map packs discounted BEFORE the Season was over screwing us Elite Premium members into losing at least 5 bucks.


      Forza 4 has the Season Pas for 4000 points. You get SIX car packs in the season. About halfway thru the season the first 3 car packs are 400 points for a limited time. So again THAT season pass will cheat players out of 400 points. 3 x 400 = 12000 plus 3 x 800 for the other 3 packs .


      Anyone wanna bet that the Blops2 Season Pass will discount some map packs halfway thru the season and screw over the Season Pass owners ? Hence I dont think I will be buying them as a season pass.