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      The League Of Casual Gamers





      The League Of Casual Gamers was born from the ashes of Chaos Mafia which was a Killzone 3 clan. But due to the lack of interesting in Killzone 3 the clan die and the league was born.



      The Clan is mainly a New Zealand and Australian clan but we do have a hand full of European/American members which is mainly what this recruitment is all about. I myself am from the UK and would love to have more European/American member amongst are ranks.




      This is a video from one of are members






      Do you prefere gaming with people you know rather than random folk?



      Are you looking for a community that isn't interested in your K/D or has mandatory practices you have to attend?



      If the answer is yes to these questions, the the league of casual gamers is the place for you



      As ive said we are primarily a NZ/AUS based, but have many members from around the world who all love gaming but dont take gaming so seriously. Out community was originally founded as a PS3 group but in the year since creation we have spread our wings to XBOX/PC too.



      We play everything from the big AAA titles like Call Of Duty and Battlefield, to minecraft and Borderlands.



      So if you are looking for a fun group to co-op through the world of pandora, drive vechiles in BF3 or killstreaks/pointstreaks in Call Of Duty the come check us at http://www.locg.org (please note that are main forum is down at them moment)



      So please come over to our back up forums at http://locg.enjin.com





      Also check out are YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/TheLeagueofCG