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    PS3: Console Shutdowns. [Post 1.04 Patch]

      Patch Notice

      The latest patch was distributed on 12/6/2012.

      Goal of the Thread

      - Collect information regarding the console shutdowns.

      - Create reproducible steps if possible.

      - Document individual cases.

      Notice: Do not intentionally put your console at risk. If this occurs, then please report it here.
      Notice: Posts that deviate from the below will be removed.


      We need you to recount what happened when you encounter a console shutdown. This is not to be confused with hard locking of the screen or freezing.


      Mandatory Information to Include

      - What type of PS3 do you have.

      - Any user modifications to your console.

      - When and where does this happen.

      - What region you are in + Blu-Ray Code



      Optional Information to Include

      - Any video of the documented issue.

      - If you have opened up a support ticket with Activision Customer Support [Yes or No]

      - If you have encountered a prompt from the system and submitted a crash report to Sony. [Yes or No]


      Anything we consider off topic or unhelpful will be deleted. This is a problem solving thread. Not a complaints platform.

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          1. Re: PS3: Console Shutdowns. [Post 1.04 Patch]

          -original 4 port 60gb ps3

          -no mods

          -happens after about 5 mins of play in all game modes.

          -New Jersey BLUS31011



          -i have opened 2 tickets with customer support. they claim my issue has been resolved when it clearly hasnt and that alone is extremely frusterating. I want to call support and talk to someone but im afraid ill just end up cursing them out. Please fix this

          Last Edited: Dec 8, 2012 10:26 AM
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            2. Re: PS3: Console Shutdowns. [Post 1.04 Patch]

            My ps3 shut down every 5 minutes when i'm playing black ops 2
            i have the 80gb ps3 fat
            My psn is GioGamerMx

            Last Edited: Dec 8, 2012 2:11 PM
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              3. Re: PS3: Console Shutdowns. [Post 1.04 Patch]

              -2nd Gen 80 gig, 4 USB Fat PS3 (NTSC)

              -No user mods (Sent to sony once to have blu ray laser replaced)


              -Shut down occurs when playing Campaign, Zombies, and Multi player. Zombies: Shutdown occurs at the beginning of round 2. Campaign: Shutdown occurs after ~2 minuts of gameplay (ie not watching cut scenes and/or scripted events). Multi player: Sutdown occurance is variable. Sometimes shutdown occurs 2 minutes into the first match. Other times I can play 1-2 matches. (Note: I can spend quite a lot of time in the menus and create a class)


              -New Jersey BLUS31011

              Last Edited: Dec 8, 2012 2:53 PM
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                4. Re: PS3: Console Shutdowns. [Post 1.04 Patch]

                i had no issues playing this game until the last patch (1.04). since then, i have played it on two different days. froze both times. yay.


                corrupt files. awesome.

                Last Edited: Dec 8, 2012 3:12 PM
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                  5. Re: PS3: Console Shutdowns. [Post 1.04 Patch]

                  -60 gb fat model : not modified

                  -Crash happens within gameplay, sitting in menu, once a weapon is selected, zombies, multi-player and campaign

                  -psn: kareem2k8

                  -U.S CECHA01 and BLUS-31011

                  Last Edited: Dec 8, 2012 4:02 PM
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                    6. Re: PS3: Console Shutdowns. [Post 1.04 Patch]

                    YO_MOM_IS_NEXT wrote:


                    i had no issues playing this game until the last patch (1.04). since then, i have played it on two different days. froze both times. yay.


                    corrupt files. awesome.

                    Please fill out the information.

                    Last Edited: Dec 8, 2012 5:31 PM
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                      7. Re: PS3: Console Shutdowns. [Post 1.04 Patch]

                      here it is a month in now and i can not get more than 5 mins in and red flashing light appears!  i have called activision and sony and it just turned into a finger pointing match with no explination or even a simple sorry we caused this problem!  looks like all i can do is either ride it out or hope i can make an exchange again and just keep sending good copies of black ops 2 back and let them deal with the hand full of extra copies.


                        i have a 5 year old original 80g with no mods.  never had one problem till nov.13 when black ops 2 gave me my problem than did the new patches for modern warefare 3  and got the same problem there now.



                         in closing i want to let foxhound pro know that i appreciate all the work he is doing to set up these spots for us to vent and helping us get our word out there!     thank you!!!!!!

                      Last Edited: Dec 9, 2012 7:08 AM
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                        8. Re: PS3: Console Shutdowns. [Post 1.04 Patch]

                        60GB fat, backwards compatible, 4 usb ports.

                        No user mods. (No mods at all).

                        I get the shutdown with 3 beeps and the flashing red light. This happens during gameplay (anywhere except the menus).

                        South Africa (PAL) BLES 01717.

                        Last Edited: Dec 9, 2012 8:59 AM
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                          9. Re: PS3: Console Shutdowns. [Post 1.04 Patch]


                            60 4USB Backwards Compatible Ps3No mods, never even opened it.
                            For me it has happened in multiplayer games and 1 bot game before 1.03 patch, i have been able to play for 40 minutes 60 minutes and 23 minutes before patch 1.03. After that patch i played for 10 minutes, all turned into a shut down.
                            No video proof, i didn't know i was supposed to be recording incase my ps3 turned off?
                            No, i have not made a ticket on activisions website, when i try to login it gives me a error every time.
                            I haven't sent a report to sony, i don't know how to do that, but i gladly
                            Here is our old thread.
                            Also, i would like to note that i was having no problems with my ps3 as i stated in this thread. After 3 shutoffs, i waited for the new patch when it came out i tried it. This time it blinked YLOD, luckily it came but on but if i am going to be having problems from this point forward i feel that because shut offs like that are bad for the system and ESPECIALLY one that makes it think it YLOD, that treyarch/activision is reponsible. Some people are saying they have had this with other games, me personally only BO2 i even tested it in the time that i couldn't play and played MW3 for 2 hours, turned if off for like 40 minutes to let it cool, turned on BO2 and 23 minutes later it turned off. This isn't a overheating issue with my PS3 in general if they are overheating because it would have done it in the 2 hours i played MW3, it would be because this new game is pushing my old system to the limit and it wasn't tested. I really hope this gets fixed from what i played of the game it seemed great. But i would hope this issue is fixed before matchmaking problems and things like that because those people can at least play. We waited in line just like them but we cannot play, and may be destroying our systems while trying.

                            Same as before and same as a month ago when the game came out, i feel i am owed a copy for xbox until this is patched, i paid like everyone else. And if it is unpatchable, you guys owe me a new PS3.

                          Last Edited: Dec 9, 2012 9:42 AM
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