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    PS3: Tracking hard lock/freeze information. [Post 1.04 Patch]

      Patch Notice

      The latest patch was distributed on 12/6/2012.

      Goal of the Thread

      - Collect information regarding the console freezing/locking.

      - Create reproducible steps if possible.

      - Document individual cases.

      Notice: Do not intentionally put your console at risk. If this occurs, then please report it here.
      Notice: Posts that deviate from the below will be removed.


      We need you to recount what happened when you encounter a freeze or temporary lock up. This is not a server lock up which is currently defined by the community as matchmaking failing to balance teams or displaying an error within your session.


      Mandatory Information to Include

      - What type of PS3 do you have.

      - Any user modifications to your console.

      - When and where does this happen.

      - What region you are in + Blu-Ray Code



      Optional Information to Include

      - Any video of the documented issue.

      - If you have opened up a support ticket with Activision Customer Support [Yes or No]




      I've attempted the system restore.

      I've installed the texture files.

      I have an SSD in place of an HDD.


      1. I'm prompted with a patch.
      2. I load up. (I have load to MP selected)
      3. I enter matchmaking.
      4. I attempt to play a game.
      5. We get through the game.
      6. The final killcam happens.
      7. Freeze


      Please understand that this example is not to be entirely accurate or representative of your issues. It's just a mock up.


      Anything we consider off topic or unhelpful will be deleted. This is a problem solving thread. Not a complaints platform.

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          1. Re: PS3: Tracking hard lock/freeze information. [Post 1.04 Patch]

          1. i enter a mp game

          2. we get through the game

          3. the final kill does happen

          4. on the loading screen when you exit, it freezes.




          I got 1 mid game freezing but it may be just an unlucky random freeze.



          Ps3 slim 320gb.

          US region NTSC


          Patch 1.04

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            2. Re: PS3: Tracking hard lock/freeze information. [Post 1.04 Patch]

            PS3 160gb slim


            North Carolina

            No mods to the ps3 at all.


            1. downloaded patch 1.04

            2. opening movies was glitching and sounds overlapping with one another when mason jr is talking around with the music from the opening frames.

            3. ps3 frozed.

            4. hard reset.

            5. cleaned ps3 with a vacum along with a cleaning disc designed for the ps3.

            6. put game back in got thru the title screen.

            7. went to MP picked KC.

            8. 1minute and 15 second into the game it froze.

            9. Hard reset again.

            10. try it one last time.

            11. try zombie greif. 1 kill,2 kill, start shooting at a third zomibe in the window freeze.

            12. gave up.


            Decided to update it some more now.




            Try a few more times seeing if it would work.

            Start up black ops 2 from the menu.

            the opening movies with the logos and everything is very glitchy. Sometimes it will jump to the frame where mason sr. is laying in a pool of blood with the kid looking down. But the loading sounds from the logo screens are still playing as if the sound and movie are lagging behind it cause of the skipping. But I don't understand that cause my ps3 is fairly new and only 8 months old. Yet it plays very other game fine with no problem and games that were super buggy like skyrim, fallout3, and games like that.

            But if I get thru the load screens without a freeze it will freeze on me as soon as I try clickng on play online for MP game modes along with the campgian and zombies.


            Adding that I do have the season pass downloaded onto my PS3 along with the nuketown mp match.

            Number under the barcode on the blackops 2 holder is 4787584383.


            Play fine when it was first released beside the issues with getting into a mp match or a public zombie match and the random freeze when normally waiting in the lobbies for 10+ mins.


            when the patch 1.03 came out I think is when I started having freezes mid way thru mp games and during round 28 on zombie tranzit.

            patch 1.04 seems to have made it so bad that I can't even get pass the opening movies or get into a match.


            Decided to try on an idea one of my cousin and my ex gf to try a different copy of the game.

            Borrowed my friend copy of the game.

            came home and delete everything off my ps3 to do with the black ops 2.

            re installed everything incudling the patch.

            still frozed on the opening movies.

            tomorrow I will be opening a ticket with ya'll either demanding my money back or for ya to fix this crap.

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              3. Re: PS3: Tracking hard lock/freeze information. [Post 1.04 Patch]

              - 80GB Fat

              - No modifications

              - Mid game TDM in Plaza (approx 5min)

              - UK BLES01717


              - Game is viewable in theatre (also caused freeze but not repeatable - see below*)

              - No Activision support ticket raised


              1 - Build 1.04 has been installed for a day or so.  Played a number of TDM without issue.

              2 - *When reviewing the match in theatre it also froze the system the third time I viewed it.  This did not occur the first two times and the freeze was at a different point (much earlier).

              3 - Texture pack is installed.  Previously in build 1.03 I had experienced freeze on loading twice and on match end once.  One of the loading freezes occured prior to installing texture pack, the other after.

              4 - I do not usually play the game for long periods and the console is otherwise turned off.  There is no obvious increase in cooling fan activity and I have not experienced any freezes on other games.  Ambient temperature is approx 18C.  I do not believe this is likely to be console temperature related.

              5 - Total number of matches played approx 300.


              /edit:  Wired connection.  (prompted by a post suggesting it might be related to wireless)


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                4. Re: PS3: Tracking hard lock/freeze information. [Post 1.04 Patch]

                -original fat 60gb with 320gb hd


                was playin snd and it just shutdown on me with blinking red lights. was only playing for like 15mins when this happened. gonna let it sit for a little bit and will try to see if my ps3 still works. man nevered had this much trouble with one game where it freezes my ps3 this much before. crossing fingers that my ps3 still works

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                  5. Re: PS3: Tracking hard lock/freeze information. [Post 1.04 Patch]

                  Had exactly the same freeze


                  fat 80gig ps3 upgraded to 350 gig

                  Happened 1 or 2 games after installing the patch, never had a freeze after a match before.  Also was playing zombies earlier with 3 friends, 2 of them split screening. Halfway through the match the sound glitched out again and sounded like a helicopter, it also happened on the splitscreeners game at the same time but not the solo guy. There's also a glitch where zombies knock you down with 1 or 2 hits when you have juggernog.

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                    6. Re: PS3: Tracking hard lock/freeze information. [Post 1.04 Patch]

                    Decided to play again today. (post patch 1.04)


                    1. Entered TDM match.

                    2. Left match mid game.

                    3. Hard lock on loading screen (black screen with 3arc loading logo on bottom right) back to lobby.


                    Completely random so can't reproduce everytime.


                    Slim 120GB.

                    No mods.

                    NA region.

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                      7. Re: PS3: Tracking hard lock/freeze information. [Post 1.04 Patch]


                      - Super slim 500 gb

                      - No  modifications.

                      - Zombie mode tranzit.

                      - Region europe  + bles code 01717

                      My ps3 is new.

                      1. Start zombie mode Tranzit Online
                      2. Play few levels
                      3. Freeze

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                        8. Re: PS3: Tracking hard lock/freeze information. [Post 1.04 Patch]

                        Slim 120gb


                        No Mods


                        HC TDM


                        BLUS 31011




                        Post Patch 1.04


                        Froze  Post game  3arc loading symbol in lower right hand corner of screen took awhile for system to completly freeze

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                          9. Re: PS3: Tracking hard lock/freeze information. [Post 1.04 Patch]

                          I didn't have the freezing problem until I installed the patch (1.04) today - ridiculous that the patch broke my game. I've already done about 7 hard resets today and I won't risk damaging my PS3 by playing this game until the issue gets resolved. I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more responses since I've asked my friends online and most of them are having the same problems. I can play other games just fine, so it is definitely Black Ops2.

                          - PS3 Slim 120GB

                          - No modifications

                          - Crashes in multiplayer (haven't tried playing the other modes). If I am able to play, it is only for maybe a game or two, but it always locks-up eventually. Always freezes during the loading of a new map and I have to do a hard reset of the PS3. It checks for the corrupt file system on restart. I thought it may have something to do with the textures I downloaded to the HDD getting corrupted, but even after uninstalling those I'm still seeing the problem.

                          - Arizona and CECH-2001A


                          -I did encounter a system report prompt from Sony and did submit a report

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