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        440. Re: Hardcore Modes

        It was the least played most because it was the worst mode. Skill had nothing to do with it. Treyarch wants the HC community to enjoy HC so they removed the worst mode and put in an extremely popular one. We will keep pressing them to add more modes and hopefully they will. That won't include FFA tho, at least from my end. I wish you guys that say you're leaving for another game would just go, there is no need to tell us.

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          441. Re: Hardcore Modes

          skill has nothing to do with it? you couldnt be more wrong... you have to kill the most people with no help just yourself. lets take a look at a different game mode for example like CTF where people can place microwaves in locations that people will spawn into them and die.... but yea you're right FFA is what requires no skill.


          it is a sad day for HC players.... I don't understand why they have to take...why not just add????


          this game just became not fun at all.

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            442. Re: Hardcore Modes

            It was an extremely sad morning to log in to LIVE after a couple of days away for work to realize that the ONLY mode I enjoy playing had been taken away. I am also sad that as an older player who totally enjoyed ONLY HC FFA mode, I won't be achieving my upcoming 10,000 kill in HC FFA afterall. Only 250 kills away (or so)...but that won't be happening now... Thanks Treyarch :/


            Anyway....Unfortunatley it seems that no matter how disappointed I am, my opinion and or concerns about HC FFA being removed won't/doesn't matter to Mr. Vaughn or Treyarch. Being an older player, I enjoyed playing at my own pace in HC FFA and not having to be concerned with teammates (as I have with all other COD games where HC FFA was included). I also enjoyed not having to worry about accidentally team-killing in HC  Team-based games and being "kicked" (i.e...if you're going to FORCE me to play Team-based games in HC, bring richochet to HC please! Team-killing...intentional or uinintentional sucks).


            Again, just a sad day for HC FFA fans to find out the game mode we most enjoy and we as players, don't matter to Treyarch (or their representatives on these forums).

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              443. Re: Hardcore Modes

              That is actually correct. People voted base on player base size and popularity. It wasnt because of skill. I think many are missing the big picture. I completely agree with anyone who is upset if they lose their favorite mode regardless of what mode it is. HC HQ and HC Dom fans still have yet to see their fav mode in this title even though prev titles also showed those two modes had more popularity than FFA in HC.  HC KC happened to be the most popular choice if you read through this thread. There were lots of ideas tossed around and it is not possible to please everyone. While I understand HC FFA players took a step back, the HC as a community took a step forward as a whole. A more popular mode was implemented. This helps grow the HC player base. Even in core there are more popular modes than FFA. Again not saying yours isn't important, but this is a step in the right direction. Many HC players were playing core solely because their mode was not available in HC. It sucks that the HC index programming is limited to 4 HC slots only, but at least Vahn is taking steps to appeal to a larger crowd by adding HC KC. Again, not saying your mode isn't important, there was just a bigger demand for HC KC, thus swapping out HC FFA.

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                444. Re: Hardcore Modes

                But how do you address the removal of the respawn timer? That's like re-writing the Bible man! They spit in our faces so we gotta take a stand. True hc has spawn delay in HC TDM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                  445. Re: Hardcore Modes

                  yes yes yes ! more hardcore modes.... i cant stand the rubber bullet feeling weapons! either add h/c modes or make these guns feel as if they had stopping power!

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                    446. Re: Hardcore Modes

                    The HC community asked for the removal of the timer. Just because you don't have a timer anymore doesn't mean it's not HC anymore. You still have HC rules in place. I could see if they said HC is no longer a potential 1 shot kill or if they said that there will be some regen or some HUD. It's still HC. Especially with TDM. So many of those games never go full score regardless if how many times you circle the map looking for players. I think the timer removal was a good move. It still exists in other HC modes such as CTF, but those are more predictable and standard spawns.

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                      447. Re: Hardcore Modes

                      No no no my friend. They have stepped on sacred ground here. Why change something that was perfect before. It is an utter disgrace and is now catering to the core community. That little change might seem small, but it's really the last straw for the true hardcore community.

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                        448. Re: Hardcore Modes

                        That logic makes no sense. How does it cater to the core community. If you're a core player you already clearly have more game choices in core than HC to play. If you're truly not a HC player at heart, you're not going to just jump to HC because of a timer, just as you won't see a large crowd flocking to core TDM if they added a timer.

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                          449. Re: Hardcore Modes

                          There most definitely should be a hardcore mode for every game mode. The excuses are rediculious, spend some of that BILLIONS on giving your supporters quaility. While your at it, isn't it time you give console players dedicated servers?

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