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        20. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

        Dude, I said counting suicides. The average K/D of K/D's is more than one, because a positive K/D usually has more weight than a negative one. The 50 percentile is slightly less than 1.00, because a person with a K/D higher than 1.00 will lower several other people's K/D's.

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          21. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

          Everyone, this is not an argument i wanted to start. I messed up in the wording, and this hopefully solves a few questions.


          Absolute Average K/D (Altogether): The absolute average counting all the K/D's will be above one because of the weight added by an extremely good K/D. Every Kill has one death, one death can be caused by suicide or an enemy kill. K/D's are different, some have more weight than others.


          Median Absolute Average K/D (Altogether): The 50 percentile is the median.This usually falls below 1.00, because a person with 2/1 can beat two people who are 1/1 and 0/1.


          All Absolute Kills/Deaths (Complete Record of All Players): Excluding suicides or going off the map, it is 1/1, or 1.00.


          Absolute Kills/Deaths (In Single Match): Excluding suicides, 1/1.


          Absolute K/D RATIO (In Single Match): Often higher than 1.00, because of the dominance of a high K/D over a low one.

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            22. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

            Dude i completely agree with you dude because I was in a Pub-Stomp Clan in black Ops 1 and went from a 2.0KD to a 2.53.  My original WL was 1.90 which is now 3.10 in my Black Ops 1 account.


            So there really isn't skill involved as an individual but its show great teamwork and map knowledge for sure.


            If i had to give a general Average K/D it to determine if your Borderline average would be a range from

            • 80 - 1.20 = borderline average
            • 1.30 - 1.80 = above average
            • 1.90 - 2.20 = TryHard style which is a good thing


            This is just my view to the game and that's not to say its factual but for the sake of expressing an debatable OPINION these are my insights to your very well put together POST.



            I hope you find this overview general and helpful

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              23. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

              Untrue. The average K/D is the individual's, as it is an individual's ability to obtain kills divided by deaths. Overall, for everybody together, they have a combined kills AND deaths of 1/1 excluding suicides. I was, however, talking about the 50th percentile of individual's K/D's, that would be on average 1.00 (again, no suicides) because the ones in the middle will be in the middle.

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                24. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                Agreed. I play more Domination than anything. I rush and try to cap. I am barely above a 1 K/D. I get killed a lot by guys camping B or routes to B.

                It makes me giggle when people go 25-2 with 2 caps and say they are helping the team by suppressing the enemy. LOL. Yeah, you aren't the one fighting tooth and nail and getting smoked left and right actually trying to gain points.

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                  25. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                  You guys sure do complicate an issue lol


                  I was reading just to see a baseline of skill level.  Now I'm googeling mathmatic formulas and trying to figure out why one number has more "weight" then another lol.


                  ....on the positive, I guess I'm learning something

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                    26. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                    You are technically right, but there are many ways to explain this thing, and hopefully I can get it straight in text.


                    There is the median K/D which will be 1.00 altogether across all games excluding suicides. A K/D of 1-1 has no more weight than itself. For every kill, there must be one death. Not vice versa. But a K/D of 2-1 is K/D 2.00, unlike one of 1-2, which is K/D 0.50. In this case, say in a one-on-one match. The average K/D would be 1.25. But altogether that would be 3-3, which is 1.5-1.5 and 1.5-1.5 averaging it out. That is a median (looking at total kills-deaths) K/D 1.00. However, if say everyone was like that, the middle two numbers would still average to be 1.25. But if everyone was either 1-2 or 2-1, then in the end, excluding emphasized weight, it would be 1.00 adding all the kills/deaths across all games.


                    This is just my interpretation after thinking about it for a little while. Oh, well, K/D's are K/D's, but I personally think other modes like Hardpoint or Domination provide more meaning in Call of Duty.

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                      27. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                      LOL, I knew what a true average K/D was, which was around 1.00 if you were talking about the middle range of players. But an OK player has many definitions, and since this is actually my first Call of Duty game, I can expect my K/D to be low. That was the whole point of this discussion. I know my K/D will get better, but hopefully it isn't too slow of a process.

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                        28. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                        There seems to be a lot of definition of average, because of extra 'weight' on higher K/D's than lower ones. But in the end, Adding everything together the total is K/D 1.00, even though K/D is measured for individuals. I'm basically looking for the 50th percentile, but I'll settle for slightly less if I can't reach that.

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                          29. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                          To be honest, you have to have at least a 2 k/d to be considered to know what you're doing with your gun.


                          In BO2, you gotta have at least a 300 SPM, to show that you know how to win and what it takes to win (aka PTFO).

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