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      Hey - Guys... A few days ago, I wrote in about "can you score over 10,000 points...." and some of you left some good replies - thank you.  Well, I couldn't wait any more so I tried it.  This father and son gamer team at www.mw3-best.com found a way to score higher than anyone on kill confirmed games and it's 100%%% freakin' amazing.  I had to wait a full day to get my password, but then I got into the back door secrets they offered and it hit me right away....Why didn't I think of this?  Damn!  The answer is right in front of you but you've never seen it before.  Supposedly it was discovered by an 11 year old kid - but who cares who started it?  It worked for me and that's all I cared about.  I scored over 12,000 points yesterday on Gulch and Terminal Kill confirm and my leader board rank totally jumped up.  Anyways...I'm logging back in to play today.  I'd tell you how it works, but I had to pay for my copy and so will you...but it was totally worth it.  Crack-On!


          Let me take a guess, since the guy stated that it can only be done with Kill Confirmed, does that mean that they run around collecting their own team's dog tags?


          I_Killed_U_Fool, tell me if I'm at least close.


          Oh wait, it just occured to me! The dad most likely purposely keeps on getting himself killed and the son, who most likely has a riot shield, Assasin Pro, and Extreme Conditioning Pro sprints to his dad's dropped dog tags and denies the enemy's kill while protecting himself with the shield. That would partially explain the small amount of kills for a high score (Cuz he's using a riot shield and he can't really kill enemies THAT much due to the riot shield's poor qualities).


          So overall, dad dies, son runs to dog tags, collects them, and gets a high score! Also, I have noticed that their opponents have lots of kills and the kid that's taking the pics has been leaving out the Deaths on the scoreboard(s)! Hmmm....Interesting.

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            if you play like this it will be seen as boosting and you probaly would get banned.if you use an account in anyway to play using its deaths for your gain that is boosting.so i suggest you play the game properly and get better as you play.and if your going to reveal an exploit on the game then why on earth go to the games official forum.i so hope people report you for this.even if you advertise exploits and glitches you can be banned so dont think you can just state you didnt actually try this cause that aint going to help you.i would report you myself but im having a lazy day so i cba.seriously someone should report him

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                You XBOXers sure are lucky you can get banned (by Microsoft/Activision/etc. On Wii, hackers can ban you and Nintendo/Activision/etc. never ban the hackers.     :/


                At least I got a PC for my birthday recently so that I could have a more updated way of playing (yes, I know PC has a ton of hackers too but after playing Wii, I've sort of gotten used to hackers even though I still rage quit when I have to play against a hacker).