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    New ZOMBIE Map Idea for future DLC: "Board Run" Please Read!

      Board Run


      MODES COMPATIBLE WITH: Tranzit, Grief, and Survival



      Setting: A large boardwalk off the coast of New Jersey that is demolished and wrecked from one of the missles sent from Moon.





      Billy Jacobs AKA  Billbo the Clown: A clown working at the boardwalk when the missle hit and all Hell went loose.


      Michael Brook: One of the maintnence employees that helped fix rides.


      Frank Johnson: Marlton Johnsons twin that works as a ride inspector.


      Tara Carls: A visiting citizen that was on a date with her boyfriend, she works at a fire arm business store that is run by her family.



      Opening Video/Summary:


      Many citizens are having fun at Frankford Piers. While a maintnence employee (Michael Brook) is working with a power box that has recenlty been sparking, Bilbo the Clown (Billy Jacobs) is doing his random jokes and unfunny gags at citizens, a ride inspector (Frank Johnson) is inspecting the newest attraction, And a Girl (Tara Carls) is on a date with her boyfriend. Suddenly a missle crashed down in the middle of the boardwalk creating a huge explosian of water, from the ocean near by, and fire killing many citizens. Screams are heard as debris is flying everywher. After many moments of pure destruction silence emerges. 5 lone survivors approach from various hiding places. Tara, Frank, Michael, Billy, and Taras boyfriend Jim. They all look around and notice all the debris and damage. Suddenly a familar laugh is heard that echos throughtout the silence. All the sudden a dead citizen reserects and attacks Jim, the zombie jumps ontop of him and they tussle around until they both fall through a hole in the wood. They both die. Tara screams and takes out a gun. More zombies emerge. All the survivors stare in horror and notice that debris has blocked their exit to the rest of the world. They are stuck on a boardwalk filled with the undead.....



      Zombies Types: Decaying ,very bloody, burnt, skeletal, wet, employees, clowns, males, females, and all have BLUE eyes.



      Map Layout: A huge boardwalk divided into 5 piers and an entrance area. Debris and fire are scattered around the map. Some areas are destroyed or all blocked off. Some rides are damaged or destroyed completely. All piers are seperated by debris.


      Entrance Area: Contains main power source and managers office. Pack a Punch is behind an electronicly powered door.


      Pier 1: Contains kiddy rides such as bumper cars, carasel, ferris wheel, etc. The ferris wheel has fallen and has broken half the pier.


      Pier 2: Giant food court/ gift shops. Contains several resturants and gift shops. One resturant called FRANKYS FRIES is filled with flames due to creation of a grease fire when the missle hit.


      Pier 3: Contains hardcore rides such as a haunted house, 2 rollercoasters, zero gravity ride, etc. One rollercoaster is totally demolished and track pieces are everywhere.


      Peir 4: Contains all water rides such as log flume, slides, sprayers, etc. The whole pier is half dipped in the ocean.


      Pier 5: Contains numerous game booths with prizes. Unique Features: Still standing booths are playable!





      Boat: Looks like this: http://insurancecompanyofflorida.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/boat-for-sale.jpg The boat moves in the ocean under the control of an "auto pilot" feature that wont turn off.(ACTS LIKE THE BUS DRIVER) The boat takes you from pier to pier. Their is a dock at each pier. While in the ocean on the boat the zombies can swim fast to catch up to the boat and jump on. Their are no barriers on the boat but it takes the zombies awhile to climb on. Waves will occasionly hit the boat. If you dont go prone when a wave hits the boat you will be knocked off and will have to swim for your life.


      Lift: Looks like this: http://img.groundspeak.com/waymarking/display/d56eadec-118a-47b5-9cd1-3ae1b42bb5 c5.JPG This lift has only 2 carts still operating on it, they go around and around. They dont stop so you have to get on once it is in your reach. Zombies will tag along by climbing across the wire that the cart is hanging from. You can shoot while riding.  This can only be used after all power is on. You can be knocked off and will be downed.


      Sand: By the dock for the boat you have the option to run across the sand near the ocean to get to the other piers. Aftera long patch pf sand you eventually reachl under the boardwalk, which is all water, when your near a new pier. Their will be a slant of broken wood that will act as a ramp up to the pier above you. But if you get carried by the water away from under the boardwalk you will arrive on another long patch of sand that you can run across. As you go across sand many "Reachers" (Sandy zombie skeletons) will grab your feet and try to tug you underneath the sand, you can avoid this by jumping over reaching Reacher hands or if you get grabbed you will have to melee their hand off you before they pull you under. Regular zombies will follow you even if your on the sand.


      Boat Upgrades:


      Life perserver: Attatched to the back. If you fall off the boat you can grab on to the perserver and hang on and the boat will pull you with it, but zombies can still grab you. It is just a faster way to catch of with the boat and get to the next pier faster.


      Spear: Goes on the front. Will puncture any zombies trying to climb on the front of the boat.


      Bigger Motor: Goes on the back replacing the old one. It will increase the speed of the boat. Can be good for getting away from zombies but not for trying to catch up to the boat.



      New weapons:


      Protocannon-Z456115: A large gun that shoots powerfull blasts of fire. It was created by Ludvig Maxis, but he quickly relized how dangerous it was and got rid of it, until now.... Can be aqquired from the Mystery Box. COST: 950 UPGRADED: Hell Cannon.


      Galvabreacher: An electricaly powered pistol that breaks through wooden doors and emits an electrical blast. A relative of the Galvanuckles. Can be aqquired from the Mystery Box. COST: 950 UPGRADED: Galvasmasher-9355115


      Katana: A nice thin blade that slices zombies in half! Can be found in the prize booth. COST: 4000





      Turbine: Opens heavy doors. Parts Needed: Mannaquin body,wing, and fan.


      The Posiedan: A rifle that shoots powerful bursts of water. Will knock down zombies but will not kill them. Can be used to put out fires. If water is sprayed on the ground zombies will slip on it and you will to. Parts Needed: Water tank, rifle, tube, pressure nozzle, and air tank.


      Water Trap: A trap that makes zombies slip whenever they walk through it. Parts Needed: Water tube, water container, booth wall, piece of wood.


      Zombie Shield: The shield returns.... Parts Needed: Car door and dolley.



      New Features:


      Swimming: When you are in water and move you will swim. When swimming in the ocean zombies will be able to swim under you and pull you underwater, you will have to melee the pulling zombie several times, similar to getting rid of denizens on Green Run.


      Riding: When near a ride that is operating after you turn on the power you can ride it. While riding zombies can still attack you and jump on your riding vehicle that the ride you are riding offers. You can shoot while riding. You cannot control the rides cart or vehicle that moves you through the ride.


      Special Zombies:


      Reacher: A sandy corspe that lurks underneath the sand. It will try to pull you into the ground.


      Flaming zombies: Zombies that have walked over fire. They will explode when killed. Looks like: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-vi-X9bk8QIs/UKI55NEmy2I/AAAAAAAACXQ/lxRM2NEdNpw/s1600/ black-ops-2-zombies-no-teddy.jpg


      The Posiedian: A mutant zombie that is full of water and lives in the ocean. It will spit infected water and slam the boat, making the boat slow down or switch directions. It is released when the main power source is turned on. The electricity that sparks into the ocean alerts him and makes him wake up. To kill him you must puncture him with the spear or rapidly fire at him. Water weapens will make him increase in size making him more powerful. He will respawn after a couple rounds after you kill him. To stop him from coming back every couple rounds you will need to find a way to stop the sparks of electricity from entering the ocean. Looks like: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121007032113/residentevil/images/c/c8/Wh opper.jpg


      Ascenders: Skinny skeletal zombies that can jump very high and leap toward you. Will spawn every few rounds. Look like: http://l.yimg.com/bt/api/res/1.2/USjbJ1hw6pVQhLWvXKfEZg--/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7cT04NQ --/http://mit.zenfs.com/897/2011/10/apex.jpg



      New Perks:


      Hot Feet: Fire does no damage when walked on.


      React o fiz: When hit by a zombie the screen is less red and their is less of a flinch with your player.





      Their is an individual power switch for each pier. Pier 2's needs to be built and Pier 4's is built but the wire is broken so you need to find special tape to connect the wire.The others are finished already. When a power switch is turned on for one pier all working rides and perks on that pier turn on. And the power from that pier gets sent to the main power source. Once all of the pier power switches are on and all piers are working the power will be sent to the main power source near the entrance area. Once this main source is turned on the lift will start operating and the door to Pack A Punch (in the entrance area.) will open.Also when you turn on the power a wire will continuely spark and electracute parts of the ocean so if you still take the boat and than fall off in an electric area you will take more damage and be stunned.



      Survival Maps within Board Run:


      Pier 1


      Pier 3


      Pier 4


      Grief Maps within Board Run:


      Pier 1


      Pier 3


      Pier 4





      If you are under pier 1 and look up at the wood you will see 115 etched into it.


      While riding the haunted house a dark silioute that resembles Richtofen can be seen before the ride ends.


      One of the game booths prizes are all Samanthas teddy bears. Some small others big.


      Their is a rollercoaster that shoots straight up called Ascension.


      Their is a clock in the managers office that is stuck on 1:15.


      In  the Pier 5 arcade their is a machine that lets you play 8 bit Dead Ops Arcade.


      On the patch of sand between Pier 3 and Pier 4 their is a life guard chair with a dead skeleton holding the Ammo Matic perk bottle.


      In the managers office their is a laptop open. On the laptop it shows a blurry image of what appears to be a girl with yellow eyes holding a teddy bear.


      If you activate the 3 teddy bears WITH KNIVES this song plays: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2j7RwCxTwkM


      TEDDY 1: In a ferris wheel cart.


      TEDDY 2: A lifeguard chair on a patch of sand between Pier 3 and 5 on a patch of sand.


      TEDDY 3: The haunted house, inside the first coffin seen.





      True Gamer: Play all of the working game booths in one match of Board Run Tranzit. 20 gamerscore


      Firefighter: Put out 20 fires in one match of Board Run. 30 gamerscore


      Im on a Boat!: Aqquire all upgrades to the boat in one match of Board Run Tranzit. 15 Gamerscore


      Let Go!: Kill a Reacher while it is grabbing you.  10 Gamerscore


      Long Distance Relationship: Pick up the phone. 5 gamerscore


      Slip n Slide: Have 50 zombies slip on water in one match of Board Run, Tranzit. 25 gamerscore


      Wild One: Ride every working ride in one match of Board Run,Tranzit. 30 gamerscore


      Row, Row, Row your boat: Travel 100 miles in the ocean while  on the boat.   20 Gamerscore


      Extra Terrestrial: Rescue the ones in danger. 75 Gamerscore


      Air Time: Kill an Ascender while its in the air. 10 Gamerscore










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