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    Annoying Ranking System

      So I'm pretty sure ranking is not based on any of the leaderboard scores you earn over multiple games. Because, I just played a game with a friend whom I have way superior stats than, but in this one game he got 1000 kills and did really well, got to round 24. I was with him but I only got 400 kills. Afterwords he ranked up, and I am still stuck at the stupid Skull rank.


      So I thought: "I guess it depends on how many kills you get" But then I played another game and got to round 28, and got 800 kills, and still I have not ranked up. I suppose theres a possibility that you have to break the 1000 kill mark, but I'll have to test that later. I personally think its really stupid though, that someone (like me) who has reached round 28, and reached 800 kills, is given the same stinkin rank as someone who reaches round 14 with 100 kills.


      This is really stupid.

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          Honestly, go play survival mode on any map with randoms and just beast it out.  Try not to get downed til the very end and revive as much as possible.  I went from the skull rank with blue eyes to the sword rank with 4 slashes in just one game.  If it helps, the slashes on the ranks are just an indication on how many days you've played zombies consecutively.  If you played 5 days straight of zombies, you get the blue eyes.  If you skip a day, you get downed one slash and lose the blue eyes.  Hope this helps you!  Best of luck!

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            I think if Treyarch at least came out with a guide to the ranking system, everyone will have a better understanding, and be comfortable with how it works.

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              I don't even consider it a ranking system, it's just a pile of crap.


              If the case being that it's a ranking system, then shouldn't I be playing with people who have the same ranking emblem as me and not a random bunch of them? (Not complaining about it, just curious as there seems no point to it else)

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                kill to downs ratio

                take kills divide that number by your downs

                the higher the number the higher your rank

                taking into acount your total kills and high rounds and some other smaller factors


                above 80 for dagger skull

                above 160 for shotguns

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                    so are you saying I have to have a 80 k/d ratio to get dagger skull emblem?


                    There must be another element involved otherwise I could just get 80 kills and then die at round 8, and still rank up. And that doesn't seem likely.


                    If thats not what you meant please correct me.

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                    No offense bro but round 28 with only 800 kills is not good. I was also wondering how many downs you had?

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                      the the ranking system is a JOKE! We got to 35 on town, 4 player, 2000 kills 1000 headshots and no rank up. Top 2000 overall on Farm, 500 busdepot, 600 on town and 50k on tranzit and stuck w skull/eyes(all 4 player games). Fu*k the rank emblem i go for strt leaderboards but i guess being top 98% in the world in rounds dont mean ****

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                          Why can't treyarch give some sort of clue how to rank up? It's so annoying, been to high rounds, got a high kd and still no rank up. So many rumours how to rank up but they are all bs, all we need is just 1 statement from treyarch.. I'm not saying tell us everything but give some clue FFS.


                          Another guy on my list got the shotguns and his stats are crap so how is that possible?

                          I'm top 200 in everything but no final rank, maybe it's different for everyone or something but jeeeeez it's so annoying.


                          TREYARCH give us some sort of info about the ranks NOW!!!!!!!!


                          Rant over lol