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      Xbox LIVE Gamertag: SLAKEoBASKI


      My Emblem right now is the Skull with Double Shotguns, Spiked Shield, and 4 tally marks.



      My Stats:


      Kills: 72,009                         Accuracy: 184.19%

      Bullets Fired: 403,227           Kills to Downs: 330.31

      Downs: 218                          Revives to Downs: 4.41

      Revives: 962                         Grenade Kills (%): 2.41%

      Grenade Kills: 1739               Headshots (%): 60.55%

      Headshots: 43,605                Kills to Deaths: 521.80

      Deaths: 138                          Traveled Miles to Downs: 5.16

      Gibs: 92,028

      Perks Drank: 405

      Doors: 488

      Hits: 742,739

      Traveled Miles: 1125






      I do not know exactly how this system works just yet, but here is what I do know.


      The blue eyes/tally marks, are judged by how much you have recently played Zombies.


      If you stop playing you will lose your Eyes.


      If you play more than usual you should gain your Tallys/Eyes faster.


      I have not stopped playing long enough to know if you can lose your Emblem (Knife, Shotguns, etc.), but I doubt that you can lose your Emblem this way.


      You can lose your Current Emblem (Skull, Knife, & Shotguns) by going Down too many times without maintaining your other Stats.





      Zombie Rank Emblems: the Single Bone, the Crossed Bones, the Skull, the Skull with Knife, and the final Skull with Double Shotguns.


      All of these Emblems are just a way of showing others how good you are at Zombies.


      Your current overall Kill to Down Ratio will have a lot to do with which Zombie Rank Emblem you currently have.


      Other things like Revives to Downs, Traveled Miles to Downs, Kills to Headshots, and Accuracy might also govern your current Zombie Rank Emblem, so in order to rank up in Zombies you most of all need to keep yourself from going Down.


      There might also be a minimum round that you need to reach once achieving these other Stats in order for your Zombie Rank Emblem to update.


      Go for Headshots as much as possible, Revive EVERYONE, and Play whatever mode you want.


      Most of all don't go Down.




      ***Don't Kill Zombies in Glitches, and then pretend like you achieved your Zombie Rank Emblem without them.***




      Custom Games don't show up on the Map's Rounds Leaderboard, but the Kills and other Global Stats still count.


      Play Public Match in order for your Rounds to show up on the Map's Leaderboards.


      If players leave your game then the leaderboard usually updates when they leave, or not at all. So try to make sure they are on board for the High Rounds.


      DO NOT DASHBOARD. This could potentially corrupt your Leaderboard Data and cause your Kills, Downs, Etc. to freeze at their Current amount. Also if this happens it is likely that your Rounds Leaderboards will not update.

      (I fixed this problem by playing Grief for the first time ever, and it somehow jump started my Leaderboards causing my Kills and Rounds to update again. I haven't dashboarded since.)



      Feel free to leave comments containing any other information pertaining to the Topic, or list your Current Zombie Record including your Zombie Rank Emblem. This will help give us an idea of the Stats we need to achieve Double Shotgun Rank, Knife Rank, and the other Ranks.

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          1. Re: ZOMBIES Ranking System DETAILS

          And this must be the 347564940490 theory about this subject

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            And what about the ppl in the middel between knife and shotgun? If u need 75 k/d for a knife and 200 k/d for shotgun what about ppl in the middle. Mean 75 k/d is almost noob standards, so that would mean my rank could be taken as a noob rank even if I'm like 2 kills away from shotguns.

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              yeah that is true Aecetym, don't ask me. I didn't make the system.

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                Current K/D: 193

                Current rank: skull blue eyes shield and dagger


                107k kills

                550 downs

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                  5. Re: ZOMBIES Ranking System DETAILS

                  Just got the shotguns yesterday.


                  Kills: 41521

                  Downs: 226

                  K/D: 183.7


                  I think KD plays a part (pretty much everyone believes this nowadays), but people seem to dismiss the role of getting high rounds for some reason. 3 days ago I got level 43 on tranzit solo, the next day I got 47 on town 2 people (rank got corrupted after this so I'm not sure if this one counted towards the ranking), the day after I got 24 followed by 36 on town solo and that's where I ranked up. I've seen people with K/Ds as low as 150 get the shotguns, so I think getting a string of high round games over a couple of days might be the key to those of you who've tried everything to no avail. It's also worth noting that by getting these high round games, your K/D is bound to go up, especially playing solo since you can only go down 4 times.


                  I recommend solo since the rounds go faster and there's no risk of someone backing out and nullifying the game, and I can now confirm that solo games count towards rank. Also note that blue eyes are not a requisite of ranking up. I went from knife 4 notches to shotguns 4 notches, been playing 6 days straight and still no eyes so not sure what the formula is for those, but it's likely independant from rank as many have said.

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                    6. Re: ZOMBIES Ranking System EXPLAINED: SHOTGUN EMBLEM

                    total kills and kdr is how urank 1000kills for 2 bones, 5000 kills for skull, 10.000 kills & kdr 70+ for skull with knife, 25.000kills & kd 160-200 not comfirmed yet but wil be  in a few days i know this as i setup a new account justfor testing i have 87000kills and have skull with knife on my new account i had the same emblem at 10000 kills  kdr 1566

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                      7. Re: ZOMBIES Ranking System EXPLAINED: SHOTGUN EMBLEM

                      it is not soley kd its total kills unlock the emblem kdr is if u deserve the emblemso basically if u get to 10,000 kils with less than 70kdr u will stay at the skull untill u bring your kd up

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                        8. Re: ZOMBIES Ranking System EXPLAINED: SHOTGUN EMBLEM

                        add shotgun_project

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                          9. Re: ZOMBIES Ranking System EXPLAINED: SHOTGUN EMBLEM

                          That's a good theory and all, but it's not just your kills to downs.  TRUST ME.  My buddy has about 50k kills and over 1000 DOWNS.  He fell asleep one night while playing and the other players basically "used" his body to get 100's of revives.


                          Guess what his rank is.... SKULL WITH SHOTTIES!!!  It takes into account EVERYTHING that you do while playing Zombies.  So while his Kills to downs ratio is not very good, he still has over 2,000+ revives, has drunken 1,000 of perks, opened tons of doors, has nearly half headshots to kills, etc.  We get to the 30's nearly every game we play and have had games go into the 50's but because of people backing out they haven't counted on the leaderboards.


                          3ARC will NEVER release how you rank up in Zombies.  You want to know why??  Because little kids and people who can't play the game correctly will simply exploit that one thing that ranks you up, so what does 3ARC do?  They make it so EVERYTHING you do in Zombies counts towards your rank.  This may be just MY theory, but it certainly debunks yours. 

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