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    Tired of Randoms? Tired of Playing Alone? [J4WS] Just 4nother Weapon Silenced  now recruiting mature team players for Black Ops 2 and Ghosts. [XBOX] [USA]

      Sick of running solo or with a bunch of “idkwtf I’m doing” kids? Tired   of seeing spam about “accept anyone” clans that are full of punks  and/or  ran by a ****? Wanting to be surrounded by players as serious  and  skilled as you? Looking for a clan that is real and not just some  “Elite  group”?
      Well today is your lucky day, my friend.

      Currently Level 7 in COD: GHOSTS

      Our clan level at the moment is 48 (meaning you get gold tags), and   rising fast. We are a medium sized clan at the moment. We know that  kids  can ruin the fun, so we have an age minimum of 17. We also  understand  that it can be kinda embarrassing running around with guys  with kds like  .9 or .6, so our minimum required kd is 1.20. On a side  note, due to  the tendency of signal and communication issues, we are no  longer  accepting applications from the UK. US only please.
      When it  comes to clan ops, we group up together to crush any unlucky foe  that  stands in our way. As soon as you come online for an op, you will  have  members sending you invites to parties, that way you will almost  never  run solo and can represent your clan the right way with some  pride. But  with that, we always expect you to give a 110% in all that  you do. We  are as much of a team as we are a clan, all members have a  voice in  matters. Not to mention…. Unlike most of the clans you see  spamming  these forums, we actually have our own site and community.
      To join, apply on both elite and our site.
      As a member, you are expected to be and active on both the game and on our site- http://www.j4ws.net You are also obviously expected to apply to our elite page-https://elite.callofduty.com//connect/clan/view/2930647 . And, you gotta be a mature and fair player. Any questions? Reply or message me on xbl.

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