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    "Nav Card" Parts. Where?

      I still cannot figure out where to build the nav card parts. (the electric box, the suitcase, the plank) I've been told that you have to build them in the corn maze on the path the opposite side from Nacht Der toten. But I've have searched these corn fields thoroughly and I can't find any build table to use.     

           What I did find: a clearing with a Power Cable Tower, or whatever its called.


      -Can someone PLEASE tell me where to build these mysterious parts. (the ones mentioned above) Also if there are other parts to it, please mention that as well.


      Another problem I have off and on throughout Tranzit is: certain parts aren't in places I usually find them. Could someone please tell me ALL the possible locations for the following parts:

           -The bus buildables, when they aren't in the bus depot, farm, and diner.

           -The wire part, for the Jet Gun. (the only location I know is the power lab)

           -The RPD rifle and lawn mower (to build the turret in Farm, I know the rifle is sometimes on the upstairs porch)


      If anyone knows the locations of these items or how to build the nav card thing, or whatever those odd parts go to, please post the details. thanks