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    Happy Holidays!!!

      Hey everyone Classic here!!!

      and he wants to wish you all Happy Holidays!!


      So whats everybody doing for the holidays this year? Cooking for Thanksgiving? Going cross country to see your family? Setting up the Christmas Tree? getting presents for Hannukah?


      What are the things you look forward to on the Holidays? What are your favorite Christmas Specials and songs? Discuss them all here and have a JOLLY OL' TIME DOIN IT HO HO HO!!.............'YOU JERK!!! SMACK!!!!" " LADIES I DIDNT MEAN TO OFFEND YOU IM SORRY!!!....."


      Anyway....... lets get on with it shall we...............

      Well I always loved the smell of my mom making cookies while I would suck on a candy cane while watching Rudolph the red nosed reigndeer when I was a little kid. then the next morning Me and my sister would go outside in 2 layers of heavy clothing and play outside in the snow all day with other kids. then we come inside,warm up, drink some hot cocoa, drive in the car with my mom and look at Christmas lights, then sing Christmas Carols with the family ahhh good times.

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          Eating lots and lots of food... and NOT travelling tomorrow, thank goodness.


          Swapping coasts in December for a week, which should be fun.

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              I'm not doing anything too crazy for Thanksgiving.  Just visiting my dad and his side of the family tomorrow.  But I finally bought a somewhat-full-sized Christmas tree last year, so I can finally put that up in my apartment this year, which I'm pretty excited about, so I'm gonna put that up after Thanksgiving.

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                  Ohh man I had so much Turkey and Stuffing that even I felt stuff

                  that sweet potatoe pie was so good

                  What did you guys have for Thanksgiiving?

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                      Chicken in my case. Didn't want to thaw a turkey. :)

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                          Man it took us forever to thaw and cook that turkey man lol. Still it was delicious

                          I couldnt believe we had like 7 pies there and most of them were gone in a day lol. But now that Thanksgiving is over its on to Christmas

                          I know some of the HQers had a little story to tell on Black Friday. But for me the new struggle is Christmas preparations lol. I HATE rigging up the lights outside!!! its too cold! and I even fell off the ladder a few times. Good thing we dont have a real tree because I hate having to keep giving it water and keep it from overflowing or leaking.but now they leave me all on my own to put up the tree. I hope we decorate the interior this year we made our dresser look like a winter wonderland last year.

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                    Whats up Wert! Glad to see you again buddy. Shoot for the holidays I'm home from college. I will spend most of that time working at Coca-Cola. Other than that I'll be hanging out with my friends and family, celebrating christmas and new years, ummm shot what else? Lets see I'll be thunderstriking like I always do, and reading lots of comic books. Haha. What about you buddy?

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                        I think theres a Christmas party this sunday

                        and Ill be keepin it classy of course

                        dag with you here again we can start havin some fun

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                            Thats whats up man! Hold it down Wert. Haha shoot any party with you at it has to be epic! And hahaha sounds good to me. What all do you have in mind?

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                                ahh just family stuff

                                We all just gonna hang out. They better not try to dress me up and make me sing though!

                                Today I spent all day decorating my grandmothers house for Christmas. Man that was alot of work!

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                                    Family stuff is cool. Thats about all we do for christmas day really. Haha and you know you want to sing christmas carrols wert! Hahahahaha put your own little classic spin on them all. lol XD And thats cool with the decortating the house for christmas. Luckily for me my parents and sister did all that stuff while I was at college still so I didn't have to deal with it.

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                                        lol well

                                        I had to battle through my grandmoms storage room to find that tree, and by the time I got downstairs the box was all ripped up, I was all scratched up, man we was in a fight!! SO I finally get the tree up, exausted, and I say"So where are the tree ornaments?" then my grandmom says " uuuuuhhhh I dunno?"


                                        yea I aint takin that back upstairs NO!! so theres a naked tree still in her living room lol


                                        And at the party all the aunts made the younger siblings state their names,grades,and age. And of coruse I made everyone laugh when it was my turn


                                        "YEAH, YALL KNOW WHO IT IS!!!!!..."(then I gave out my name and soo many aliases I had lol)

                                        yeah Im crazy

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                                            Hahahahaha man it sounds like a really awesome time buddy!  Yeah i would have done the same thing with the tree lol. Your family sounds amazing man! So far I haven't done anything christmas like save for the comic book club christmas party back at college. I'm trying to become their vice president haha.

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                                                we are like any other family man lol

                                                I already know how you guys light up the Christmas tree over there

                                                "Knight can you light up the tree for us?"

                                                "Sure thing mom."

                                                "THUNDERSTRIKE HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

                                                *electricity comes down and lights the tree destroying the ceiling."

                                                "Uuuuuuuggghhhh!!!!! dangnabbit Knight!! alll you had to do was plug the damn tree up!!"