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    treyarch why are you making me feel like i want to master prestige glitch ?

      i don't want to master prestige glitch my account and i won't but why put challenges on the game that are so stupid it make's me feel i need to do it to get some titles,the titles i'm talking about are......





      i've been trying to get these titles from day 1 and it seems treyarch will do anything to stop me from getting them.

      1st they nerf the SMG's and the R870 the only weapons i felt i'd be able to get them with.

      2nd you make the spawns all over the place so 1min your shooting enemies in front of you then they spawn behind you.

      3rd 7,8,9 rapid kills there's not even that many people on a team so you pretty much have to spawn kill people.

      4th the time between kills is to short to get them for the size of the maps and the random spawns.

      5th there's only 1 map that you could really get them on and that's nuketown but it's only on 24/7 on special events.

      6th you make it so you can only get them with your gun and equipment (no killstreaks) :-(

      7th i'm not sure but i think you have to get each 1 separate so you won't get MEGA KILLER,ULTRA KILLER,if you got CHAIN KILLER 1st.


      and now we have people that didn't even try to earn these title's do a master prestige glitch and just get them given to them.

      i don't mind people with the master prestige because anyone can get that if they play the game long enough,but for them to have these titles that i've been busting my a55 trying to get really p!sses me off.


      if anyone has a real easy way to get these title's can you let me know how you got them.


      i've been trying to get these title's for that long now it's making me get bored with playing the game.